Awesome Icons

An Adobe XD plugin for easy icon placement

Awesome Icons is a plugin that makes placing icons into your Adobe XD projects a joy, from a huge set of 1300+ FontAwesome icons. The icons cover a lot of cases, including some 500 brands.

This is a free plugin with no official product support. However, bug reports and suggestions are always welcome and appreciated to the author, Chris Ryland,


Type to search FontAwesome icons by name or by related keyword. (For example, try searching for arrow to see all the arrow variants and related icons.) (See this FontAwesome cheat sheet page.)

If icon names aren’t showing, then hover over any icon to see its name and any related keywords.

Click any icon button shown to place the icon as a path, ready to edit. (Go ahead and click on one of the icons below, to see how it works.)

With nothing selected, icons are placed with height 72 at some default location, 100% black, no stroke.

If you have a selected canvas item, places will happen to the right of that item and will take on all its properties (height, fill, stroke, shadow, etc). This makes it easy to bring in a series of icons with the same settings and at the same size: place one, make all the adjustments you need to this first icon (leaving it selected), and then place all the others without changing the selection.


Here’s a screenshot of Awesome Icons in operation. We’ve done just as the “bring in a series of icons” paragraph above recommends, using a custom size, color and drop shadow, and then clicking on the “dog”, “hot dog” (in a previous search not shown here), and four “arrow”-variant buttons from the current search for “arrow” (shown).

Known issues

If you actively select an artboard before inserting an icon, the plugin does something odd with the properties.


We have some ideas for improvements; we’d love to hear yours.

We should add for support for any widely-appreciated, large icon sets, e.g., Google’s Material Design icons, which has about 1,000 icons with all kinds of variants. And the Feather icon set is highly regarded.


The core value of this plugin comes from the FontAwesome icon fonts, with their freely-available SVG definitions which we use to create the icons in XD. Kudos to them!

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