Release: InCatalog 1.2 for InDesign 1

May 3, 2002 by

These release notes cover the entire InCatalog 1 series.


  • Added auto page number and section marker support. When extracting text for “key from contents” or when exporting untagged text, the actual page name or section marker value is used. Exported tagged text will now contain the proper magic character for auto page number or section marker generation, so that on import the auto page number or section marker will be restored.
  • Fixed ODBC export, which before was sending only half of the field’s data.
  • Fixed create records checkbox on palette so that it now disables record creation when it is unchecked. Before it was creating records even when unchecked.
  • Changed page name generation to always use the page format (arabic, alphabetic, or roman numerals) specified in the section rather than always using arabic.
  • Fixed ODBC tagged text export so that it targets the current platform’s character set rather than always targetting Mac-ANSI.
  • Fixed the export of some composite Unicode characters (e.g. “C” w/ circumflex) that may have been disappearing in both tagged and untagged text. (Windows only)
  • Fixed a misspelling in the picture position menu’s Fit to frame maintaining… entry.

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