InDesign Server Licensing

Adobe defines four types of server licenses at InDesign CC Server, under the “Licensing” tab Premium, Limited, Developer and Trial.

We can provide free, time-limited (usually 90 days) but otherwise full server licenses for the watermarked Developer and Trial versions of InDesign Server, for both end-user and VAR/OEM cases.

For Premium (public-facing) and Limited (in-house) InDesign Server licenses, we sell annual licenses, locked to a specific server license. This annual fee includes Em’s premium support, and includes all major and minor upgrades that are released during the license term (maintenance).

Our products, part numbers and annual licensing costs (in US dollars) for the two levels of InDesign Server are:

Premium Limited
product SKU annual SKU annual
DocsFlow Server IKSP1 $2950 IKSL1 $950
InCatalog Server ICSP1 $2950 ICSL1 $950
InData Server IDSP1 $2950 IDSL1 $950
WordsFlow Server IWSP1 $2950 IWSL1 $950
Xtags for InDesign Server ITSP1 $2950 ITSL1 $950


Credit-approved companies can order our server products with an official purchase order in PDF form (no scans), emailed to, with 30-day payment terms, specifying:

  • your standard purchase order information (company name, accounts receivable (billing) address, email address, phone number, purchase order number, any VAT number, etc.);
  • the product name, part number (SKU), and quantity of each Em server plug-in product being ordered;
  • the InDesign Server license to which each Em license should be bound (if you are ordering a total of n Em licenses, you’ll need to specify n InDesign Server licenses). (This may be specified in separate communication, but is required before we can process the order.)

The 12-month license period will begin the day we send the invoice, which will specify the Em server plug-in product license(s) purchased. We’ll also send download and installation information for each plug-in product.

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