Release: Xcatalog 3.6 for QuarkXPress 9/10

This release of Xcatalog adds support for QuarkXPress 10 (Windows only, for the moment), discontinues support for QuarkXPress 8, and includes a number of improvements.

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QuarkXPress 10 XTensions update

Over the past few months, we’ve heard from a number of you wondering when our Xdata, Xcatalog, and Xtags XTensions would be ready for QuarkXPress 10. While we’ve responded individually, we’ve been remiss in not publicizing our development status. We’d like to correct this now by sharing with everyone both our current status and our plans.

When QuarkXPress 10 was released a number of months ago, we were already behind due to the massive effort of moving our plug-ins to InDesign CC. On top of that, QuarkXPress 10 itself turned out to be a fairly major release and included a number of internal changes that required a good amount of adaptation on our part. We began our XTensions porting efforts a few months ago and have been slow but steady progress. I’m happy to report, however, that we’ve finally completed most of the QuarkXPress-specific port and now have working QuarkXPress 10 XTensions on Windows.

Unfortunately, the outlook isn’t quite so rosy on Macintosh, where Apple is forcing developers to move to the more modern APIs (for file handling, dialogs, etc.) that it is providing in its newer OSes (10.7+). We’re working on adapting our code, but the process will take additional time. We’re hoping that we’ll be able to release Xtags in the next few weeks, then Xdata and finally Xcatalog.

In the meantime, we’ve decided not to hold up the release of our QuarkXPress 10 XTensions for Windows so that those of you using Windows can get going on QuarkXPress 10 now. Their individual announcements and links will follow shortly.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for your patience and patronage!

Chris Roueche / R & D / Em Software, Inc.

Release: Xcatalog 3.5.4 for QuarkXPress 8/9

This patch release of Xcatalog fixes a DD selection problem introduced in the 3.5.3 release.

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Release: Xcatalog 8/ for QuarkXPress 8/9

This patch release of Xcatalog addresses an issue with FileMaker Pro 12 and adds support for the picture tool while tagging.

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Release: Xcatalog 8/ for QuarkXPress 8/9

This Xcatalog patch release addresses problems with indent-to-here characters and corrupt links.

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Release: Xcatalog 8/ for QuarkXPress 8/9

This minor release of Xcatalog improves the compatibility of text links with copying and pasting.

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Release: Xcatalog 8/9.3.5 for QuarkXPress 8/9

This release of Xcatalog adds support for QuarkXPress 9 to that for QuarkXPress 8 and drops support for both QuarkXPress 6 and 7.

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Em 9.x XTensions now available for QuarkXPress 9

Quark announced recently that QuarkXPress 9 is set to ship on April 26th (later this month), with a “test drive” version available until then on the Quark web site.

We’re delighted to announce that the 9.x versions of our XTensions–compatible with the final QuarkXPress 9 release–are now available from the right sidebar of this post, and from the respective product pages.

This version of QuarkXPress looks to have a tremendous set of new features and improvements, and should be a must-have upgrade for anyone who wants to build e-books or make mobile apps from QuarkXPress content. This new version also catches up to its main competitor in various ways: conditional styles, bullets and numbering, callouts, story editing, etc.

One of the new features of QuarkXPress 9 that greatly improves our products is the new anchored-table-breaking ability. This means you’ll be able to create anchored tables in Xdata that break automatically over column or page boundaries.

Release: Xcatalog 6/7/8.3.4 for QuarkXPress 6/7/8

This release adds picture positioning options, improves compatibility with legacy documents and fixes issues with subfields and the ODBC Login dialog.

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Release: Xcatalog 6/7/ for QuarkXPress 6/7/8

This set of release notes covers the whole Xcatalog 6/7/8 series.

Important: versions prior to 6/7/8.3.2 will not recognize or display links created in 6/7/8.3.2 (or later) due to the addition of full Unicode support in the 6/7/8.3.2 release. This means that if one person updates from 6/7/8.3.1 (or older), everyone with whom they share documents will need to update their copy of Xcatalog as well.

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Release: Xcatalog 6/ for QuarkXPress 6/7

This set of release notes covers the whole Xcatalog 6/7 series.

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Release: Xcatalog 4/6.2.1 for XPress 4/6

These release notes cover the entire Xcatalog 4/6 series.

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