Corporate status

Em Software, Inc., is a for-profit S corporation chartered by the state of Ohio (registration no. 1049140) in 1998. (Formerly incorporated in Connecticut in 1990.)

Em Software’s federal tax identifier is 06-1298176.

Em’s D-U-N-S number is 961605789.

We have no legal presence in any state outside of Ohio (no branches, no employees, etc., i.e., no legal nexus), so we’ll ignore any foreign states that contact us about taxes.

Tax forms W9 and 1099

We don’t fill out W-9’s as a matter of rule, since we’re a corporation, and we ignore any 1099’s sent to us (as does the IRS, so don’t waste your time).

However, if you need a copy of our corporate W-9 for your records, you can download a pdf version from this about > taxes page on our web site.

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