Xtags for XPress

Release: Xtags 3.8.1 for QuarkXPress 9/10

This Xtags update fixes a problem when using Save with Xtags… on Windows. (Sorry, Xtags for QuarkXPress 10 is still Windows only at this point.)

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Release: Xtags 3.8 for QuarkXPress 9/10

This release of Xtags adds support for QuarkXPress 10 (Windows only, for the moment), discontinues support for QuarkXPress 8, and includes minor fixes.

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Release: Xtags 3.7 for QuarkXPress 8/9

This release of Xtags for QuarkXPress adds the ability to size anchored frames to their column and fixes problems with tags output.

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Release: Xtags 8/9.3.6 for QuarkXPress 8/9

This release of Xtags adds support for relative line sizing and POSIX paths, and fixes some minor box-creation issues.

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Release: Xtags 8/ for QuarkXPress 8/9

This patch release of Xtags addresses a minor serialization issue.

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Release: Xtags 8/9.3.5 for QuarkXPress 8/9

This release of Xtags adds support for QuarkXPress 9 to that for QuarkXPress 8 and drops support for both QuarkXPress 6 and 7.

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Em 9.x XTensions now available for QuarkXPress 9

Quark announced recently that QuarkXPress 9 is set to ship on April 26th (later this month), with a “test drive” version available until then on the Quark web site.

We’re delighted to announce that the 9.x versions of our XTensions–compatible with the final QuarkXPress 9 release–are now available from the right sidebar of this post, and from the respective product pages.

This version of QuarkXPress looks to have a tremendous set of new features and improvements, and should be a must-have upgrade for anyone who wants to build e-books or make mobile apps from QuarkXPress content. This new version also catches up to its main competitor in various ways: conditional styles, bullets and numbering, callouts, story editing, etc.

One of the new features of QuarkXPress 9 that greatly improves our products is the new anchored-table-breaking ability. This means you’ll be able to create anchored tables in Xdata that break automatically over column or page boundaries.

Release: Xtags 6/7/8.3.4 for QuarkXPress 6/7/8

This release of Xtags for QuarkXPress adds tags for hyperlinks, a speed-up for anchored boxes and, in the server XTension, support for multiple imports into named boxes.

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Release: Xtags 6/7/ for XPress 6/7/8

This set of releases includes a huge set of bug fixes, and such features XPress 8 support, XPress Server 7/8 support, as intelligent @-sign handling, improved missing picture handling, Xtags Pro (table) handling improvements, a massive performance speed-up when placing unanchored boxes (up to 10X), “version 2″ variants of all the anchored box tags, new “none” box tags, box background blend support, auto-shrinking of text boxes horizontally and in the face of multiple columns, box background and frame opacity support, blends in table, row, and cell tags, and much more.

Note that this covers all releases back to the start of the XPress 6/7/8 series.

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Release: Xtags 6/ for XPress 6/7

This set of releases includes a whole slew of bug fixes and adds many features, including additional picture box runaround type support, box placement relative to another named box, PDF page and cropping support on import, Unicode import/export in XPress 7, support for layers on box creation, and much more.

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Release: Xtags 4/6.2.1 for XPress 4/6

This release fixes a few bugs and adds new features such as full XPress index tag support and more.

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