Getting product distributions

All of Em’s products are available only as electronic distributions—downloadable in a compressed archive format—from the appropriate sidebar of each product’s main page on this site.

These electronic distributions are all-purpose, functioning as full copies after purchase, as trial/evaluation copies before purchase, and as upgrade copies for products bought earlier from Em (using your newly-purchased license for major upgrades, and using your existing license for minor upgrades, or updates as we call them). You can also get pre-release distributions of our products during our public previews.

Note that within a major version, minor updates are always available at no cost, so even the “oldest” products we support (e.g., for InDesign CS5 or QuarkXPress 2016) are kept up to date with the latest, in terms of features and bug fixes.

Each product also has either a pdf manual or an online manual, and most products have tutorial file packages as well.

License policy

Note that each licensed product can be installed on only one machine (or up to two machines, if they can be guaranteed to never be used at the same time, e.g., a traveling laptop and stable desktop for the same user). See sales policies, section “Single-use license policy” for more details.

Downloading and installing InDesign plug-ins…

On the plug-in’s product page, see the “Downloads” or “Downloads for InDesign” (in some cases) sidebar on the right side of the page, find the appropriate installer download link for your major version of InDesign (e.g., CC 2019) and your operating system (macOS or Windows), and click on that link to download.

After the download finishes (into a .pkg file under macOS or an .exe file under Windows), double-click the downloaded installer to start the installation process, then follow the directions given by the installer.

Start or restart InDesign, and follow directions below for either installing a new product, an upgrade product, or a trial/evaluation product.

Updating plug-ins

To update a plug-in to the latest release, just install (again) as directed above. (The downloads sidebar for each plug-in always reflects the latest release.)

Downloading and installing XTensions…

To download an XTension, find the product page sidebar Downloads for QuarkXPress, then find the version you need, e.g., Xdata for XPress 2016/17/18), and, under that, click the appropriate download link based on the operating system (macOS or Windows). Your browser will download the product archive to its default download folder.

Download the product manual and any tutorial files relating to your product from the same download sidebar.

In the expanded downloaded folder, you’ll find one or more sub-folders corresponding to different QuarkXPress versions.

For Windows, and for pre-XPress 2017 macOS, drag the XTension file out of the appropriate version sub-folder into the XTensions sub-folder of the QuarkXPress main folder, or into a sub-folder of the XTensions sub-folder that you create (e.g., an XTensions/Em Software sub-sub-folder for our products).

For XPress 2017 or later under macOS, drag the XTension file out of the appropriate version sub-folder into the ~/Library/Application Support/Quark/QuarkXPress 20xx/XTensions folder, where ~ denotes your login directory, and xx denotes the year (e.g., 18).

Start or restart QuarkXPress, and follow directions below for either installing a new product, an upgrade product, or a trial/evaluation product.

…and finishing installation

See the “where’s my license?” sidebar if you need to find your license for the steps below.

new product

When you start up InDesign or QuarkXPress the first time after installing your Em product (or when you first invoke WordsFlow or DocsFlow), it will prompt you for a name, affiliation and license. You can enter anything appropriate in the name and affiliation fields, but enter your purchased license in the license (serial #) field. (You can copy and paste it from your purchase receipt email to ensure accuracy.) Then choose OK to mark your product as licensed and continue.

trial/evaluation product

When you start InDesign or QuarkXPress the next time after installing your Em product, and want to use it for evaluation only, simply choose Demo in the licensing dialog to use it in demonstration mode.

For WordsFlow and DocsFlow plug-in trials, there are no limits during the 15-day period.

For all other products, the plug-in or XTension is limited in the number of items it will process. For example, you’re limited to 50 records per import in InData/Xdata, 50 updates in either direction in InCatalog/Xcatalog, 50 paragraphs input or output in Xtags.

Note that you can purchase the product at any point during your trial without re-downloading and re-installing. Once you receive your product license code, proceed as above for a new product at the next InDesign or QuarkXPress start-up.

upgrade/update product

For a minor upgrade (or what we call an update), which is always free, you should be able to simply start InDesign or QuarkXPress after installing the new (minor) version with no further action.

For a major upgrade, you will be prompted to enter your newly-purchased upgrade license when you next start InDesign or QuarkXPress (or when you next invoke WordsFlow or DocsFlow), just as when you first purchased it.

Moving a product to a new machine

The only sure way to move a product to a new machine is to remove it from the old machine (see the uninstalling section, below), re-download the latest version from our web site, and install that just-downloaded version from scratch on the new machine using your existing license, following the appropriate instructions above.

Uninstalling products

Uninstalling plug-ins

First, quit InDesign.

Then, under macOS, you can simply drag the installed plug-in files from the Plug-Ins sub-folder (or Plug-Ins/Em Software sub-sub-folder) to the trash.

Under Windows, you can use the system uninstaller (search using Cortana for Apps & features or Programs and Features) to remove the plug-in.

Uninstalling XTensions

First, quit QuarkXPress.

Then you can simply drag the XTension files you installed to the trash.

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