Electronic-only distribution

We sell only electronic-distribution products–downloadable from each product page’s sidebars on our site–which are unlocked with a purchased license code. These downloadable products also function as demonstration versions until they’re unlocked.

This method of product distribution has many advantages: immediate download of new copies and major upgrades, no shipping charges, online reference manuals, and free minor upgrades at any time.

Single-use license policy

A license for one of our products (whether a single copy or part of an “n-pack”) can be used on one machine only, or can be installed on two alternately-used machines (for example, a desktop and a laptop) as long as you can guarantee the two copies will never be running simultaneously. (This is more or less what both Adobe and Quark permit.)

Online store

In particular, Em offers a secure on-line store which is a safe and convenient way to purchase licenses for our products at any time.

Each product sidebar on this site includes direct links for online purchase of the product, along with the download links for the products, reference manuals, tutorials, etc.

(For a little while longer now, we’re manually servicing online sales during US East coast business hours; we’ll soon have immediate automated service 24/7.)


You can also purchase licenses from our resellers around the globe, for more local sales and service.

You should download all software from our site, regardless of where you purchase the license, though, to be sure you have the most up-to-date software.

Pricing and policies

If you need further information, you can look up part numbers and prices, reference our absolute satisfaction guarantee as well as learn how to upgrade, cross-grade, consolidate and step up your current Em products, as well as any special discounts available.


If you’re a value-added reseller or software developer who would like to private-label or embed Em’s products in your services and products, see our OEM sales information.

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