Our licenses are sold on a subscription basis from our online store.

You activate a license by providing it when prompted at first use of any plugin, along with your name and a valid email. (Or, you can choose to start a trial and provide a license later without needing to re-download and re-install.)

A license’s subscription period begins when it’s first activated by the first (or only) user, and not before. So you can purchase subscriptions online or from resellers, and start them when convenient, without losing any of the subscription period. For example, when you get close to the end of one subscription, you can purchase another subscription at your convenience, which you only activate when the previous one has ended.

Currently, there’s no way to “recharge” an existing subscription or auto-renew it. We have a very straightforward subscription scheme—namely, purchase a license for the period you need—that we hope is easy to understand and simple to follow.

Any subscription license will work under the three most recent major versions of InDesign. You can install a new (or previous) version of InDesign (and the corresponding plugin) any time and continue using the same license until its expiration. (You’ll get plenty of warnings before a license expires.)

(There are no more “perpetual” old-style licenses and upgrades for each major InDesign version, etc., as we had in the past.)

Note that you do need to download a distinct plugin for each annual InDesign major release like 2021, 2022, 2023, etc. (That’s a limitation that Adobe imposes on developers.)

You can run multiple versions of InDesign on a single machine, using a single license for a given Em plugin.

User limits

Our licenses are sold for one or more InDesign (Creative Cloud) users, with each user able to install on up to two machines (like InDesign), as long as the two machines will never be used simultaneously, like a laptop and a desktop, or a home and an office machine.

Each license can only be installed by (up to) the number of users specified by the license itself.

If you login to a different Creative Cloud account on a given machine, you will have to re-activate any license you had as that new user, which will count against the licensed-user limit. (If you really need to switch your Creative Cloud login, first deactivate your current license using the plugin’s About… > License… > Deactivate button, on all machines you’ve activated it.)

Managing multiple users

You can manage your own multi-user license entirely on your own, with no help from us, including moving licenses around.

Each InDesign user can install the same multi-user license, up to the user limit the license allows.

Using each plugin’s About… > License… dialog, you can click the License Info button to open a web page showing all current users of that license, and all devices on which the current user has installed the plugin. You can also click on the current user link on that page to see all the Em plugin licenses that user has activated.

To re-assign a license, you can deactivate a given user by deactivating their license on all installed devices, using the About… > License… > Deactivate button. Another user can then activate that license.


We sell electronic-distribution products only—downloadable from each product page’s sidebars on our site—which are unlocked with a purchased license code. These downloadable products also function as trial versions until they’re unlocked.

Each product page sidebar on this site includes direct links for online purchase, along with download links for the product, reference manuals, tutorials, etc.

See our installation help for details on downloading and installing these distributions.


You can also purchase licenses from our resellers around the globe, for more local sales and service.

You should download all software from our site, regardless of where you purchase the license, though, to be sure you have the most up-to-date software.

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