keeping in touch

We try to make it easy to stay in touch with us through various channels.

Email to either or is definitely the right method for specific questions and problems about sales issues or product usage, respectively. But, otherwise, if you want to keep up with what’s going on with Em Software in general, or specific products, we’ve got several ways to make that easy for you.


Use the “receive Em news via email” sidebar on thisour web site’s support “keeping in touch” page to sign up for all product news published on this web site via your email inbox. (This is a very low volume stream; you will see a few notices per month at the most.)

Company E-letter

You can also subscribe to a more general company newsletter, which we usually send twice a year.

(When you purchase a product from us, you’re automatically signed up for this list. You can opt out anytime using the unsubscribe links in any message you receive.)

Site news feeds (RSS)

You can subscribe to Em news in your default RSS reader, or click on the orange RSS icon in the “Recent News” at the bottom of each page on thisour web site.

If that doesn’t work, then you can manually subscribe in your reader using the following URL for our general news feed: (it’s not a real link so you can copy and paste it easily without triggering it).

Product-specific news feeds (RSS)

You can also keep in touch via product-specific news feeds. In the header of the product news sidebar on each product’s main page, you’ll find the canonical orange RSS feed icon: click on that to subscribe to a news feed about that product alone.


You can follow us via @emsoftware on Twitter. We’ll tweet product updates, company news, etc., as a complete alternative to the news feeds (RSS or email) above. We’ll also use Twitter for odd thoughts (micro-blogging) and simple back-and-forth with interested folks.

Twitter is not the place for going into detail for customer support, but if you have general comments or would like to hit us with a quick question, that might be a good place to do it (either privately or publicly).

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