Release: WordsFlow 1.2.4 for InDesign CS5/CS5.5/CS6/CC/CC2014

This quick release fixes a build problem with the CC 2014 Windows plug-in and improves update behavior in low memory conditions.

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WordsFlow Pro 2.0 beta 2 now available

This release fixes a critical and frequently-hit bug in WordsFlow Pro export. (Export would fail with a backtrace error.)

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Release: WordsFlow 1.2.3 for InDesign CS5/CS5.5/CS6/CC/CC2014

This release adds compatibility with InDesign CC 2014 along with a few fixes.

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WordsFlow Pro 2.0 beta 1 now available

We’re happy and excited to share an early public release of WordsFlow Pro (now at version 2.0) for your evaluation and feedback. When we showed WordsFlow last week at PePcon 2014 in Chicago, the almost universal reaction was laughter and disbelief at seeing the “magic merge” happen, followed by a “we’ve gotta have that!” outburst when people realized just how much time and trouble it would save them.

WordsFlow Pro, like DocsFlow Pro, completes the workflow cycle, and makes WordsFlow fully two-way. With the Pro version, you can now update your Word documents in place with the latest linked InDesign story contents, and you can export any InDesign story to a new Word document as well (which also links it automatically).

One important note is that WordsFlow Pro provides a solid, native Word exporter for InDesign as a side-effect, even outside of its intended two-way workflow usage.

We encourage you to try it out, though not for production work yet, as it’s quite fresh and will no doubt need a fair bit of honing before it’s ready to release. We had to write our own Word native format (.docx) export engine, which was and will continue to be a challenging engineering effort.

You’ll find downloadable copies for CS5/5.5, CS6, and CC (CC 2014 coming in a couple of weeks) in the sidebar here, and on the product and user guide pages.

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Release: WordsFlow 1.2.2 for InDesign CS5/CS5.5/CS6/CC

This patch release improves the quality and general stability of updating.

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Release: WordsFlow 1.2.1 for InDesign CS5/CS5.5/CS6/CC

This release adds support for InDesign CC and includes improvements to product stability and usability.

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Release: WordsFlow 1.2 for InDesign CS5/CS5.5/CS6

This release of WordsFlow adds an on-frame link indicator, addresses a long-standing problem when working with custom-anchored images, improves the quality of updates, and increases overall workflow stability.

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New lynda.com course showing DocsFlow and WordsFlow

Anne-Marie Concepción has published a new online video course Using Word and InDesign Together on lynda.com that includes brief overviews of both WordsFlow and DocsFlow.

The course itself looks great, as you’d expect from Anne-Marie, and the two short overviews of our products are spot on. She mentions DocsFlow 2.0, which includes two-way linking to Google Docs, and which we’re just about to release in the next few days.

Release: WordsFlow 1.1.1 for InDesign CS5/CS5.5/CS6

This patch release improves updating and addresses situations where imported Word and Excel documents were losing their Import Options settings.

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Release: WordsFlow 1.1 for InDesign CS5/CS5.5/CS6

This release of WordsFlow offers simpler options for placing files with WordsFlow, introduces major improvements to Excel file tracking and table merging, and improves the overall quality of the merge process.

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Release: WordsFlow 1.0.2 for InDesign CS5/CS5.5/CS6

This patch release improves compatibility with linked Excel files.

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Release: WordsFlow 1.0.1 for InDesign CS5/CS5.5/CS6

This release fixes a serious bug with update failures in the face of Word documents with embedded graphics, and adds some behind-the-scenes enhancements.

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Release: WordsFlow 1.0 for InDesign CS5/CS5.5/CS6

We’re happy to announce the first official release of WordsFlow, our InDesign plug-in designed to make a huge improvement in your Word/Excel-based production workflow.

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WordsFlow review from InDesign Secrets

David Blatner of InDesign Secrets has been using our new product WordsFlow for a bit, and is very excited about it:

I’m trying hard not to type phrases like “Most useful plug-in ever,” but I have to tell you: I’m sitting here with my mouth agape, heart beating faster, and thinking “This is what I’ve wanted for 20 years.”

In short, I’m playing with WordsFlow, a plug-in from Em Software that fundamentally changes the way you’ll work with Word documents.

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Release: WordsFlow 0.4 for InDesign CS5/CS5.5/CS6

This still-in-preview release fixes more bugs found during pre-release testing.

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