“I love InData”

I love InData and use it to create long, complex catalogs. Thanks for a great product!

–Amy G

“I have used this product for over 11 years and could not live without it”

I just want to tell you that I have used this product for over 11 years and could not live without it. Exporting data out of our database and having it magically formatted to look beautiful sure is sweet. Of course, I have to write all the scripting/programming for it to look so nice, but it sure makes it fast. I use InData in 20 books that range in pages from 300-800, and I love using it.

–Greg Kemp, contexo | media

“nice to get the quick support and response”

I have to say, it’s been nice to get the quick support and response from you guys, as opposed to posting on the Adobe forums and waiting for a response. I’m sure I will have some more questions, but I’m convinced that your product will do what we need.

Stew B.

“impressed you actually took the time to help”

I also wanted to take an extra minute to thank you again for taking the time to walk me through the issue I was having over the phone. It seems like most companies anymore are not willing to take the time to speak to someone and solve a problem. They would rather pass you off to someone in another country that really doesn’t care. I was very impressed you actually took the time to help.

Brad H.

“we don’t have that luxury with other software vendors”

Thanks for all your help Joe—we truly appreciate your prompt responses. We don’t have that luxury with a lot of the other software vendors we deal with.

Adam S.

“we couldn’t possibly do without InCatalog”

I still love your product, and it’s saved us a TON of time in our layouts (we average anywhere from 160-200 pages of print work a week with a staff of 3, which we couldn’t possibly do without InCatalog).

Nathan A./

“InData & InCatalog have allowed us to complete many projects”

Just wanted to let you know that InData & InCatalog have worked great, saving us a lot of time and money.

InData & InCatalog has allowed us to complete many projects that we couldn’t have done without them.

Steve Parrish, Lone Star Pet Supply

“having a reliable support team is best”

Can you transmit my best regards to Chris Ryland, who for 15 years, has provided reliable support (along with the entire team [at] Em Software) in our use of Xtags?

I am proud to have bet on your soft and especially your support, and although my testimony is never published (probably because of my bad English) I regularly recommend to other newspaper publishers in France to trust your team really reliable. Make a soft performance is good, having a reliable support team is best.

Pierre A.

“your customer service is, hands down, the best I have ever experienced”

My company has been using InData for 4 years and I’ve been very impressed. The software does what is expected and anytime we’ve had a question/concern it has been addressed. Your customer service is, hands down, the best I have ever experienced in the software industry. It is a pleasure to work with you and your software. Thanks.

Feel free to publish part of this email but please keep our company name anonymous. We want to avoid giving too much info to the competition. 😉

JP Fulton

“You’re a hero! It worked!”

Oh my gawd! You’re a hero! It worked! I have two hours to finish this 300 page catalog! You saved me! Thank you so much!


You can’t imagine how miserable my life was before your program came along. Thanks for the prompt support!

Matt R.

“Em is absolutely fantastic in its support and customer care”

I don’t know how much to thank you? This is of a great help and relief to us, as we’re going to press on Friday! Em Software is always being absolutely fantastic in its support and customer care.

Suleyman Twana

“InData was the software of choice”

Here is a compliment to you: please be advised that Em Software InData was the software of choice in comparison with e.g., [competitor] and [competitor], from our evaluation. This was due to the ease of use as well as the possibilities!

Johan H.

“minimize the amount of manual labor required”

I wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude for your time, expertise, and support in helping us automate & audit our price sheet documents. You were very timely and gracious with your responses; as well as extremely helpful in guiding me. Without that support, we would have continued to struggle with this project with no end in sight.

This project was very important to our company to minimize the amount of manual labor required to update our price sheets; and to be able to audit that what we produce is as close to 100% accurate as possible.

Please give my best to Joe as well, for his support also. Thanks again!

Bob Romano, Web Applications Manager, Taco, Inc.

“saved hours of time placing and formatting text for a catalog”

I have used your product [InData] in the past and think it is GREAT! Saved hours of time placing and formatting text for a catalog.

Maria R.

“thanks again for a great set of products”

Thanks again for a GREAT set of products! I’ve been basically making my living with Xdata/InData and Xcatalog for the last 12 years.

Ken L.

“I cannot say enough about these tools”

My first encounter with Em Software was with the Xdata plug-in back in 1996. I was working for an advertising agency at the time and was seeking for a solution for a new client. So any leverage to win them was a plus. I discovered after a site visit that they were using a paper system to produce product labels. The client did not have a product database and the labels were hand set each time.

After extensive research online I came across Xdata, the automated solution for QuarkXPress. Now, what I was using the plug-in for was not mentioned in any of the documentation. Being the pioneer that I am I tried to make it work. And to my surprise it did. The results were astonishing. I created a push button tool to create product labels complete with CMYK colors, bar codes, symbols and product data. We won the client over and it was simple enough that anyone in the organization could use it.

Then a major opportunity for another project came up. Can we create a business card solution for our client that has over 10,000 employees? A similar idea as the label solution. This client learned during the process that their data structure was screwy. Final result—solved the database issues and created a streamline system for Human Resources.

I was really getting into to this plug-in to the degree I decided to go out on my own as a consultant. In 1998 I took on a business partner and we were on a roll.

After a very convincing sales pitch to a chemical reagents company, we were awarded several catalog projects. My client’s team was amazing surprised how much time they were saving over a course of two years.

Later on formed another company Designismylife in 2000, to provide automated print solutions to many design businesses, manufacturers and marketing departments.

Em Software’s plug-ins have been a part of my design career for which I am very grateful. Chris Ryland is a business genius and of course his team of experts. I cannot say enough about these tools. They have given me the freedom to pitch to clients with confidence that I have a solution right from the start. I still see redundant tasks eating away at designer’s creativity.

If I could say, there is only one problem, the product works so well that it intimidates people. I have been asked several times during presentations ‘what will happen to our design team.’

I simply reply, “They will now have the time to design with passion.”

David M Bey, Creative Director, designismylife™

“it worked beautifully”

I bought InData several months ago to use for helping to turn a database into a book. It took us a while to figure it all out, but we did, and it worked beautifully! Thanks for a great program.

Colleen B.

“has already saved us the cost of the software many times over”

I bought InData for my company two years ago. It has already saved us the cost of the software many times over in the working hours spent completing projects. Our last full company directory took 4 months to complete using a well-known word processing product. This year I am at a draft stage after just a working week on the project.

But I really wanted to thank and commend you on your support. On a number of occasions I have looked for help sorting out a prototype. Your response has always been quick, efficient and comprehensive. I was particularly grateful for the recent assistance I received on what for me was a tricky/complicated issue, which was sorted through a short number of email exchanges with your excellent support department. Thanks so much.

Nick Clarke, Diocesan Communications Director, St Edmundsbury & Ipswich

“do you have any products to give me more hours in a day?”

Thank you for directly answering my questions. Many companies today don’t seems to take the time to do that anymore? I hope to get everything together soon… Do you have any products to give me more hours in a day?

Don M.

“I have to say I’m really impressed with the software”

I have to say I’m really impressed with the software [InData] and the service. I had some help initially with another product from a guy [R F] whom you might be aware of and now I’m trying to roll out as many products as possible so we should be buying more licenses in the future. Having such great support as well makes all the difference.

Paddy O.

“support is on par with the products’ quality”

First, I want to say that your products [InData, InCatalog] are really awesome. 🙂

And now I discover that the support/bug correction is on par with the products’ quality. Thanks for your work.

Vincent P.

“you’re the master”

You’re the master. … I’m amazed how you can keep all this information in your head. Of all the support people I have ever asked for help, you are the BEST (and I do this a lot).

Marianne W.

“I appreciate the care and work you put into them”

I’ve been a very satisfied user of Xtags for QuarkXPress for many years. I have recently had to switch to using InDesign, and am looking forward to once again becoming a very satisfied user of Xtags, this time with InDesign.

Thanks for making a great product for a number of years; as a user I appreciate the care and work you put into them.

S. Hassan Hertz, TBH Typecast

“I was really astonished by the quality of your support”

Some months ago I was in touch with Chris about a problem in my old version of Xtags. I wanna say I really appreciate your efficient and friendly support, and such a surprise, with the creator of the software (Chris himself).

We are very old users (more than 10 years…maybe 15) and I was really astonished by the quality of your support about an old product: quick answers, no problem with an old version etc… It was really a pleasure to see we have found a reliable partner over the ocean (we are in France).

Pierre Augereau

“now I see what they were talking about”

Wow, that’s awesome. […]

You posted raving reviews of your customer service on your website, but I didn’t really pay attention to them… now I see what they were talking about.

Thanks so much for your help. I finished this project this morning, and the combination of your great software and great support made it easy and fast.

David L.

“your customer service is most excellent”

p.s. I just want to let you know that your customer service is most excellent. I have never had an issue that was not solved in the most professional manner. Kudos!

Andrew H.

“your program has saved us almost a week’s worth of production time”

First, I love your program. I have been designing a 100-page catalog for the past 8 years, and started using InCatalog several years ago. Since our catalog has more than 1,600 parts, your program has saved us almost a week’s worth of production time (if not more)!

Jonathan Y.

“I have to tell you that it never gets old”

As you know, we’ve been working with Em Software for many years now, and have implemented InCatalog, InData, and InFlow in a wide range catalog and retail advertising environments.

We’re currently in the prototyping stage of an ad planning/ad production integration project with a national retail-advertising customer that involves a component of automated data linking and page building.

Creative use of a combination of InCatalog and Adobe’s XML tagging functions provided us with the technical components required to bridge the planning/data, and creative/layout domains, and provide overall functionality that is most often associated with and expected from expensive enterprise systems.

For our prototype, we designed an export schema from a legacy ad planning system, and merged this export with marketing content from another source, and image references from yet another repository, with an online tool we designed for the project. From a test export of an actual ad event, we built a 150-page indexed InDesign document with 700+ fully populated, fully formatted, ready-to-use product groups, including regional versioning output, in less than half an hour.

Sure, this kind of thing is a day at the office for you, and for us, but I have to tell you that it NEVER gets old seeing the faces of those who typically spend weeks and months searching, gathering, re-keystroking, and tracking all of the content that is now automated directly to the page for them, upon seeing it for the first time. It drops jaws every time!

We just wanted to share this with you, and thank you for the great work, and support back at Em Software. We’re glad to be your consulting/integration partner, and look forward to many more of these experiences in the future.

Jeff Kazanow, Partner, Onus LLC

“we must have generated almost a million dollars of work”

We were one of your first users with Xdata. … We must have generated almost a million dollars of work with it. It’s nice to have some jobs where we can use it again. Thanks!

Glenn N.

“a final merge of product particulars with Xcatalog is an enormous boon”

Enclosed is a copy of our 2006 catalogue. […]

We do all initial page layout with Xtags, including picture placement. Once we have the book more or less the way we want it, we hand it over to our design partner for final composition. They do things like adjust spacing, resize pictures, balance pages, and compose and place the vignettes used as filler on some pages. In the week before we go to press, we do a final merge (using Xcatalog tags) of prices, packaging, descriptions, minimum order quantities, etc.

We’ve been very happy with both products. Xtags for Quark is very fast, and I can produce a PDF section proof of 30-40 pages in about a half-hour. That proof, though missing some fine tuning and page vignettes, is a very close facsimile of what the book will look like. The ability to generate representative proofs so quickly means that we can focus on product selection and arrangement rather than on typesetting details.

The ability to do a final merge of product particulars with Xcatalog is an enormous boon. The process has worked flawlessly and it eliminates that nervous last-minute proof-checking that always seems to accompany manual changes. We haven’t managed to reduce composition to a single click of a button, but this is a good start.

Thanks again for all your technical help when we were getting started. Part of the reason we decided to go with Xtags and InCatalog for InDesign is that we could leverage our knowledge of the Quark products and I knew we could count on you if we ran into difficulties.

Charlie R.

“Xtags is worth it for this alone”

Tinkering with XPress Tags to fix bugs that were preventing a Quark document from printing showed me how much easier it can be to work with tagged files rather than Microsoft Word files. They are cleaner and cause fewer problems on import. Xpress Tags makes the use of tagged files even more powerful. My favourite feature is the ability (on the Edit menu) to copy selected text as XPress Tags and then paste the block of text on the pasteboard with all the codes visible. Makes fixing bugs simple. And on those occasions when the Quark XPress Tags filter doesn’t recognise a file a a Tags file and import everything as plain text, select the whole text, cut it and then use Paste Tags and it appears as it should. Xtags is worth it for this alone.

Dr Digby L. James, Quinta Press

“before using Xdata, the directory would take weeks to lay out”

I use Xdata once a year to produce a directory of churches from a Filemaker database. Before using Xdata the directory would take weeks to lay out. Using Xdata to do all the donkey work I can get the directory done in a few hours. It does NOT, however, help with getting the data right in the first place. 😉 Even though it’s used only once a year, and even if it had to be upgraded every year the amount of time saved more than compensates for the costs involved.

Dr Digby L. James, Quinta Press

“letting my friends know about your wonderful product and service”

I just wanted to echo Nancy’s previous message of thanks. I had a good feeling about your products and company when I was doing the evaluation, and now that I’ve turned over the implementation to Nancy, I continue to be very pleased with your great service.

Keep up the good work. I’ve been letting my friends know about your wonderful product and service, and would be pleased to be a reference for InData if the need ever arises.

Thank you.

Eric J. Weiner, Publisher, Information Publications, Inc.

“it might help you improve something that is already close to perfection”

PS: Sorry if it seems as if I am so keen on reporting problems. I am not! Xtags and Xcatalog are really great softwares that help me a lot almost every day. And since I am using them so extensively it is only natural that problems are encountered. And after all it might help you improve something that is already close to perfection.

Michael M.

“your customer service and sales team are the best in the industry”

I’ve always been a true Em Software advocate… I really must add that your customer service and sales team are the best in the industry. I’ve always gotten prompt, helpful, friendly service. … You have a great team! Thanks again!

Kris R., (huge magazine publisher)

“thank you for all your support so far, it’s been fantastic”

But in general so far so good. I’ve used this on a mini catalogue (100 odd pages of semi free form design) and that will become a regular thing (bi monthly). But we aim to be using it on a 700 page catalogue with quite a sizable print run (and more licenses!). So in time I’ll be looking into the scripting of InCatalog too.

And can I just say thank you for all your support so far, it’s been fantastic.

Paul A.

“love this product”

Yep, and so far it’s plugging right along just fine. Love this product! Your support group all deserve HUGE bonuses this year. Tell your boss I said so. Really a treat working with folks who care about the product they “support”.

Hopefully you will never hear from me again.

Dean H.

“saved us at least $100K in rollout costs”

Xdata has been a life saver for me and my employer, Con-Way Central Express. Shortly after the attacks on September 11, 2001, Con-Way instituted a policy that required photo IDs for every permanent and supplemental employee, regardless of whether they called on customers. With roughly 9,000 employees (scattered across 25 states and 9 provinces), coming up with an economical and timely solution was a must. . . Had it been necessary for me to key the preliminary data in as well as manually import the images, the project would have failed miserably. Xdata allowed us to process as many cards a day as we could. This solution ultimately saved us at least $100,000 in rollout costs compared to using a traditional badge system and has saved countless hours of work due to automation. I can’t stress enough that Xdata has paid for itself time and again in the last two and a half years.

Tara Keezer, Con-Way Central Express

“Xtags is an essential tool”

Your excellent piece of software [Xtags] is an essential tool in the production system that I have developed (semi/ automated production of Radio & TV listings for the largest Norwegian supplier) — it simply would not have been possible without it!

—Jørn M. Jenssen, Qross, Østensjøvn

“Xdata is wonderful”

By the way, Xdata is wonderful for a large portion of our business. We do automated production of lodging directories for several major hotel chains—ranging from simple name & phone number versions to ones with photos and maps, all pulling from the same data source. It’s a great tool!

—Matt L.

“you are great and a very supportive company”

THANK YOU, Chris! You are great and a very supportive company with which to work. […] You really saved me! Again, thanks for your help.

Marilyn C.

“Xdata is one of the world’s great bargains”

Six years ago I stumbled across Xdata, which was then in version 2.5. Since then I’ve sold over a million dollars in products using Xdata to make them. In the last six years I’ve made tens of thousands of pages of documents using Xdata, and no matter how complicated I make them, it runs flawlessly, every time. “This is never going to work,” I say to myself. Then I click on the buttons, and Xdata runs so fast it’s amazing.

Best of all, it’s not that hard to do. I’m no techie, just a liberal arts major from a state university. If I can use this software, anyone can use it. At $400 Xdata is one of the world’s great bargains.

–William L. Spencer

“have used Xdata for years and years”

I really have used Xdata for years and years. Apart from countless directories and books here and there, for the last 6 years or more, The Haymarket Publishing small, annual, pocket directories for Autosport, CAT and Classic & Sportscar have all been done by me using Xdata.

Peter W.

“it [Xdata] works!”

I would like to express my personal satisfaction with the Xdata product. IT WORKS! In these days of hacks and slack code in the software industry, it’s really nice to work with software that does what it says it does. Thank you for making such an excellent product!

Max D.

“[InCatalog] has taken a job that once took 6+ days and now takes 6 minutes!”

Well, according to the raw data here it’s working like a charm! This is really, really cool, your plugin [InCatalog] has taken a job that once took 6+ days and now takes 6 minutes! You have temporarily restored my faith in technology. 🙂 This plugin really is going to “revolutionize” our catalog production process and save me from endless hours of tortuous monotony. Thank you again.

Matt Richards, Lark in the Morning

“nobody gives better support”

Let me add that I deeply appreciate all the advice and insight that you and Chris share with us as soon as we ask. You provide support at an almost unparalleled level, and that adds tremendously to the value of the software itself.

I’ve been in the information technology field for more than 30 years, and nobody gives better support than Em.

—David Kijanka, Clark Security

“Xdata is my choice by quite a margin”

On a completely different subject, I am curious why Xdata isn’t reviewed by the people who are writing articles about variable data printing software. I have used two other applications and have demoed some others and Xdata is my choice by quite a margin. I guess the lack of a slick GUI makes these people think Xdata isn’t up to the others but the fact that I can code what I want is what makes Xdata so attractive, and useful, to me. When I read these articles that don’t even mention Xdata in passing (!) I feel a little smug that someone looking at getting into competition with me may not know about the best application for creating variable data and will spend more time and money than I do working with something other than Xdata.

Keep up the good work.

John Roberds, Odyssey Digital Printing

“fantastic product (Xdata)”

By the way, fantastic product (Xdata)—we recently used it to great effect to produce The Good Birth Guide for The Sunday Times [UK] Magazine-—huge success.

Simon Regan-Edwards, Sunday Times Magazine

“you solved 100% of my problem”

Thanks very much.

I want you to know that you provide the best tech support I have yet to come accross. And I’ve been at this since 1989.

You solved 100% of my problem, and in a reasonable time frame.

John H.

“no way that I would even consider having Quark without Xtags”

I am setting up my own home Quark system that includes a suite of software… I have worked with all of these softwares for about 5 years now and I can honestly say, there is no way that I would even consider having Quark without Xtags.

I work for a composition house that specializes in typesetting books and journals and also specializes in the most up-to-date electronic needs of our customers. I have been working with our Electronic Publishing department for many years and understand the need that our customers have for XML/SGML input and output. I truly believe that the combination of your software and the Kytek software will be the key that truly unlocks the mysterious connection of XML input and output from Quark. Of course I know there are other softwares out there that purport to do just what I mentioned but I also know they fall very short of what they propose to do.

I have used your software to its fullest extent …, and it is truly a revolutionary software for serious book composition [by] Quark users.

Thanks for being there! And PLEASE be there for a LONG time!

John Ferguson

“I have never had this kind of response and help”

I would just like to forward my thanks for your speedy and efficient response to my request. I must also say that I have never had this kind of response and help from any other software company we have dealt with to date. We hope to do more business with yourself and your company in the future.

Andre O.

“my boss and I nearly fell on the floor”

It used to take us a day or more just to import our data (26,000 records, about 350 pages when done), and then a week to clean it up. When Xdata imported it in about 10 minutes with almost no cleanup needed, my boss and I nearly fell on the floor! We are so glad we went with Xdata rather than a custom software solution costing tens of thousands more.

Andrew MacBride, Mallinckrodt Baker, Inc.
(disclosure: we hired Andy soon thereafter)

“made 30,731 pages today with Xtags”

We just made 30,731 pages today (proof pages) with Xtags with text from the database.

These are proofs of abstract records for a large book which will eventually be 2,500 published pages. This was in 63 separate Quark files.

Janet Shafer, ScholarOne

“one of the best pieces of software I have bought”

I have linked Xcatalog with Filemaker and I am very impressed. It is one of the best pieces of software I have bought.

—Stephen Gil

“every page flawless”

Over the past three days I’ve run and printed a 1400-record, duplex InData import. Because I also have to print them, I ran the whole thing in batches of 200 records. There are four paragraphs of variable data coming in, so it’s a fairly straightforward project. … Every page flawless. What a great product.

David Earls

“I have to tell you how much I love Xdata”

This is probably a ‘sad’ thing to email, but I have to tell you how much I love Xdata. Anything that arrives at our office in Excel to be formatted, I jump on. Everyone thinks I’m mad, but the feeling of watching all that cruddy data flowing in, in the correct case, with headings, lots of fiddly ifs and loops working, is wonderful!

Emma G.

“it’s outstanding”

The problem has been resolved with C’s help. She’s very good. I really like the Xcatalog software, too. As I e-mailed C, it’s saved days of effort. Very nice application and easy to use (once the data is clean!). I do want to compliment you on customer service—it’s outstanding. Thank you very much!

Dorothy M.

“Xdata will save us 20+ man-hours a month”

Your software is easily the most appreciated thing to appear in our office on the practical work front for a long time. We’ve been hand formatting massive amounts of text for the last five and a half years. Xdata will probably save us 20+ man-hours a month, and that’s just time, it doesn’t include the frustration and boredom factors!

I thought originally that $400 was expensive for just an extension. Then I wrote a simple prototype and watched seven hundred records format themselves in under a minute—it used to take 1.5 days by hand, and I realized it was the best $400 I’d spent this year. It’s definitely whizzy for us!

Simon D.

“Xcatalog is perfect for what we need”

Actually, we’re planning to use it for a lot of things, we wanted one tool that could perform multiple tasks across multiple divisions. Xcatalog fits the bill in many places. In our Harmon Autos magazine and Harmon Homes magazine divisions, we plan on connecting Quark to a SQL database so we can have a one time entry point for data that gets used in both print and electronic media. Xcatalog is perfect for what we need and it’s very easy to use and train people on. And we really like the fact that we can communication both ways, from database to Quark and Quark to database.

Brian Hebert, United New & Media

“went above and beyond common support”

I don’t know where to begin with the thanks.

The information you sent on the ‘corrupt’ file and the solution to that problem helped in ways I cannot mention. With this solution, I have been able to import the Xtagged data with a new prototype and mass produce the pages for the project in a matter of minutes and that is exactly why we purchased your software.

Many thanks to everyone who helped and went above and beyond common support to this problem and others.

Robert P.

“appreciate the responsiveness”

I’d also like to take a moment to let you know how much I appreciate the responsiveness of the your company. It’s very refreshing to deal with someone(and the programmer even) who has enough concern about serving the customer’s needs to take time out of his busy day to address questions from even a potential customer. Very refreshing indeed. Hopefully, my company will be buying your software soon, as I’ve talked to several people who seem to be qenuinely impressed by power and flexibility it can give us.

David P.

“totally impressed with the software and documentation”

I have to say that for the money this is so far an amazing application [Xdata]. Having done documentation and packaging design for a startup company (we did photoshop masking plug-ins) I have to say I am totally impressed with the software and documentation. Also, people that I have talked to (even [competitor] people) have mentioned your name and spoken very highly of you. Thanks again.

Jason V.

“there is such a thing as superb products”

[responding in a forum]

IMHO you’ve never used Em Software[‘s products] or you wouldn’t call it a commercial. I’ve used Xdata for years and anyone who has (that includes every major publisher in this country) will tell you the same thing. There is such a thing as superb products and there is nothing wrong with sharing success stories with others.

As they say in the infomercials, no one was paid for these endorsements!

Mike Gifford, MacWiz

“your Xdata is absolutely great”

Beside this little problem i’d like to tell you, that your Xdata is absolutely great. I can import data out of a browser-based database-application for publishing events on the web. Many newspapers in Switzerland are building their daily or weekly (or both) event-calendar with this solution and therefore with your XTension.

Stefan B.

“I recommend your software [Xtags]”

Xtags 2.0 was brilliant; I am looking forward to using the new version. I recommend your software whenever the issue of needing to import formatted copy arises. I lay out a classifieds ads section, and without your Xtension, I would have a LOT more very tedious work to do. The ability to import a graphic along with its associated text ALONE would be worth the price to me—the other things that Xtags makes easier are the frosting on the cake.

George M.

“updates which would take a week were reduced to less than an hour”

Have just used your product to help assemble a catalog with over 34,000 prices in it. Thank you! Price updates which would take a week were reduced to less than an hour.

—Greg P.

“hats off to you and thanks for saving oooodles of my time”

Thank you so much!

I think you’ve given me great solutions to all my problems and I can’t thank you enough. You all have been very helpful and I can’t believe how quickly you got back to me! I believe you have covered everything!

This really says a lot for your company, and even though I always thought Xdata was a great product, I now think it comes from a great company and group of people.

Hats off to you and thanks for saving oooodles of my time by coming up with these solutions!

Anne McD.

“you did a spectacular job on this product [Xcatalog]”

Just a quick note to tell you how much I appreciate the wonderful simplicity of Xcatalog. I’m so happy with it, life is so much easier. So, thanks. You did a spectacular job on this product.

Monty L.

“your promise of standing behind your products is very real”

As I’m getting to know Xdata better I’m beginning to appreciate what it can do for us and have no hesitation in recommending the package to colleagues. It is also great to know that your promise on your web site of standing behind your products is very real. Thanks again.

Judith L.

quick notes

I still love Xtags, it’s a great tool! —Will L.

I am very impressed by the competent, quick and thorough support from you. —Anjo Krank

Your guys’ support and response time are truly appreciated. Thanks so much. —Bob A.

We have been using Xdata/Xcatalog for a couple of years now and never have any serious problems. Fantastic products. Have a great night and thanks for the incredible tech support. —Jason S.

Woo-hoo! [Xcatalog] appears to work perfectly. I’ll let you know if anything else shows up. Wish all our software suppliers were as responsive and competent! —Roy O’R.

By the way, this plugin [InCatalog] is saving me tons of time. About 2-3 weeks of time every time we want to put out a new catalog in the future. —Chris W.

I love Xdata! It has helped me on several big catalog or directory projects. —Jeff Jones

Yes thanks—will be purchasing this afternoon—excellent product! —Andrew P.

Anyway, we do want to keep integrating Xtags into our solution because we think it’s a good product and it brings a lot of value to our customers. —Josef K.-J.

I own your Xcatalog product and have been thoroughly delighted with it; I now want to purchase your Xdata extension to work on a different project. —Cherie K.

Love Xdata. Have used to convert two Filemaker data files to a QuarkXPress 600 page catalog. —Judy G.

Now I find that Em Software, a company I must admit I had forgotten for a number of years proves that there are still some people and organisations out there that will listen. You and ALAP help to make this profession worthwhile.

This is not bullsh*t. This is a genuine heartfelt response. I wish you all well and will keep an eye open for other products that we might need. —Richard G.

You and the Avatar folks are awesome! Thanks ever so. —Vicky N.

Our company couldn’t function without your software. —Bryan B.

On the whole, I think the Xtags and Xcatalog tools are great, as in quite powerful. —Jeff N.

Love the program [Xtags]. Have been using it for years. Well done and thank-you! —Simon P.

I purchased Xdata a year or so ago, and have been really happy using it for producing medium sized directories, importing specific fields from Excel. —Paul G.

Thanks again for your help. It is gratifying to work with someone dedicated to doing a good job. Your efforts are sincerely appreciated. —Jody W.

Thank you both for your immediate response, and I continue to be very impressed with Xtags’ power. —Patrick T.

By the way, I think Xtags is a great product. —Paul G.

Thank you. You have made my life a lot easier. I’ve got a client breathing down my neck wanting to see a proof yesterday and with [other company] dissolving I was a little nervous on how to solve this. —Danna B.

Once again, we’re printing our giant, annual Eating & Drinking Guide, and
we wouldn’t be able to do it so efficiently without your products. … Great product (I did a 3-month stint at [large record company] this year, and Xcatalog is used extensively there—a real life-saver for them), and I really appreciate the quick responses from you. —Shambo P.

Sorry if you got me wrong. I’m not put off at all. I still think you have a great product. And actually you have the best support I’ve seen in quite a while! —Patrick S.

Thanks, once again, to you and Coletta for your prompt, friendly, and thorough responses! —Daniel L.

I’m working with XCatalog Pro (Windows) latest version and I’m very satisfied. —Christian F.

And by the way your support for the product (from Coletta) has been exemplary. … Thanks again for your special handling of this—it is much appreciated. —David F.

Thank you for your help. You have a wonderful support staff and make a ps—great product. —Mike J.

And I promise to send you a copy of our College Guide book that will have all those tables and tables and tables done in the magnificent Xdata. —Jojo M.

I’ve been using XData since it’s inception—it’s a great product—keep up the good work. —Chet K.

First I would like to thank you and your peers for your support over the past two months. We have had great success with Xdata and will have continued success in the future. —Perry F.

Thanks again for your continued support. You guys have never let me down. Rene T.

We LOVE your program [Xdata]. Thank you for creating it. We design yearbooks and this has tremendously sped up our layout time. —Lesa B.

Thanks again—I hope this project goes through, because if your products are as good as your tech support, they rock! —Jeff W.

Thanks so much for your help on an issue that wasn’t your problem! —Ken L.

This works great! Thank you. My customer will be thrilled. … They already think Xdata is a great product. —David N.

Can’t thank you enough. You guys are so on the j.o.b. with help right there! —Neal D.

Your tech support and sales are tops! Very helpful and not just courteous—friendly! Great product too. —Oscar A.

Thank you very much for the quick response. It worked! Xdata has saved us a lot of hard work in the past. —Les S.

You guys are the bee’s knees. … Just seems like the right day to send you a big thanks for all you’ve done. … Not many companies are as responsive as yours. It’s a true pleasure to be a customer. Thanks again. —David Earls

Overall, the documentation and samples are excellent, and I am very impressed with the power of the product [Xdata]. Nice work. —Dennis C.

Your software [Xdata] has been literally the “glue” to this entire project and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for producing such a fine product. —Chad N.

How delighted I was to get your two emails so quickly. I have a full weekend of work ahead of me; and assuming this solution works, you have saved my b*tt. … Although it has been a couple of years since last using Xdata, I have recommended it to a number of my clients. Now my faith in you guys is higher than ever. —Andy K.

Thanks, as always, for your thorough and timely support. —Len F.

Boy, talk about great customer service/tech support! Thank you. —Gary S.

Just a note to say I really love Xdata—it’s been a real time-saver for me. Keep going! —John O’M.

Many, many thanks, Chris. As before, these products are real life savers for us. —Shambo P.

On the other hand we got your answer. Congratulation for your quick and helpful service! Even on Saturday! —Suzanne E.

Thanks for your response. I got two responses from tech support via email in
just a couple hours. You guys must really be good! Thanks. When will Xcatalog Pro be released? Can’t wait. We use Xdata extensively. Great product. —Fred U.

That was it, thanks a lot. FYI [customer] is regularly using Xdata to publish [wine magazine] and [cigar magazine] and are very happy with it. —Graham Y.

Thank you very much for your support, I’ll wait for upgrades. Xdata still reamains the brightest jewel in my Xtension folder. —Alex Del G.

First I want to say I love your product. I am ridiculously excited and happy! I have sweated for hours over Applescripts to format text in Quark, and you have solved my problems! —Emma Glaisher

Let me say that we are very pleased with your product. We will simply buy more licenses next week. —Joerg B.

And it all works beautifully! Thanks very much for your support. —Sherm S.

I know I’ve been a royal pain in the rear, but I wanted to say thanks for the support that you have given. Big thanks to Coletta, Dave and Ron. This is my first project and I sorely needed the help. —Andy S.

I want to thank you for your quick and acurate responses that helped us out. —Manos S.

You guys are super…Best service I’ve ever received. —Amy L.

Chris, you’re brilliant! … Your record of wins is still unbroken. Many thanks. —Neal D.

Thanks and compliments to you and your staff for prompt and worthy assistance. It is a pleasure dealing with your company. … Thanks again for remarkable support. —Marc R.

I couldn’t live without it. In fact, we wouldn’t upgrade our umpteen copies of Quark until Xtags was available (and I told Quark so). —Craig H.

WE LOVE YOUR PROGRAM [Xdata]. Thanks for your help! —Jane H.

I really appreciate your help and your product which has improved workflow tremendously for our company. —Dee H.

PS—Your tech support has always been excellent. Nice to know that an excellent product is backed up with excellent tech support. Thanks, again. —Rafael B.

BTW, you all are great! (Although I am a support provider myself, I have encountered (much too often) less than satisfactory support from other various vendors, etc.) —Jim H.

I just wanna thank you for a fast and precise answer. It was exactly the solution I was looking for. You’ve got an excellent product and what’s more, you’ve apparently got an excellent support for it too. —Martin W.

Thanks for all your effort and jet response. —Eviatar K.

Thanks for the super-prompt support. Just want you to know that I appreciate your style of doing business. I wish everyone was so accommodating! —Irv G.

First, thanks for a great software product [Xdata]. It continues to deliver issue after directory issue. —Doug D.

The fact is, your products are saving our [large music] company unbelievable amounts of time and money every day, and I’ve been delighted with your response to the feature requests we’ve made to-date. —Oliver L.

Well, my company has finally purchased your software, and I must say that I’m quite impressed. —David P.

I will! And again, thank you so much! Did I tell you Xdata is my ultimate resource for, well everything? —Anders B.

On support you have no rival! —Alex N.

One of the best product-introduction manuals I’ve had the pleasure of using. Looks like Xtags will do everything we need. Once I learn it, there seem to be other applications we can use that we didn’t even consider. Jessica F.

Thanks again for your response—can’t do without Xtags! John P.

THANK YOU SO MUCH! Your solution worked great. You guys ROCK! —Reid H.

I’ve used this extension [Xdata] and had a lot of success with it. It’s a little difficult to learn but it works with many different data bases and was perfect for creating the phone directory I had to do. Sharon C.

Your Xcatalog has helped us alot with our ROP department. —Jordan L.

I have downloaded Xdata. It works exactly as I hoped. I just want to tell that I found excellent the service your company has provided. —Dario Z.

I must say that despite the delay, you have been an excellent representative for Em Software; you have been most courteous and very professional and I appreciate the time and effort you spared to keep me informed of what was happening. Sadly, here in the UK it is rare that we find such service. … I look forward to my next purchase! —Justin

“all the projects were a complete success”

Really, you are the best programmers I’ve ever seen! There’s nothing missing in any of your products. All projects I implemented last year with Xdata and Xcatalog were a complete success, and this one with Xtags seems to be another.


Your support is essential for us. R, the chief of our development department, likes very much the way Xdata works, and on my opinion it is THE tool for database publishing.

—Daniel Perera, RTG


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