Release: InFlow 2/3.1.1 for InDesign 2/CS

October 5, 2004 by

These are the release notes for the InFlow 2/3 series.

Changes at 2.1.1/3.1.1 release

  • InFlow now silently fails to load if placed in InCopy CS’s plug-ins folder since it duplicates InCopy’s built-in autoflow machinery.
  • The About dialog entry in the InDesign and Help menus has been moved from an About Plug-ins sub-menu to an About Em Software Plug-ins sub-menu.

Changes at 2.1/3.1 release

  • Added basic support for master page autoflow items inherited from a “based-on” master page. For example, if master B is based on master A and master A contains an autoflow text thread, then applying master B to a document page will also install A’s autoflow text thread.
  • Fixed a problem which could potentially crash InDesign when using single page masters in a facing pages document.
  • Fixed a problem where a text frame would be orphaned on a new page if it was grouped with other another text frame in the same autoflow thread.
  • Text-on-path items may now be added to, or used as, an autoflow text thread.
  • Added grouped item support, so that any frames grouped with the autoflow text frame will be overridden (made editable) on document pages along with the autoflow text frame. This allows the use of “toe-hold” text frames when building catalogs with InData which will then be maintained by InCatalog.

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