Release: InFlow 3/ for InDesign CS/CS2

December 6, 2007 by

These are the release notes for the InFlow 3/4 series.

Changes at release

  • Fixed a problem in InFlow 3 which was causing InDesign to crash during startup if no other Em product was installed and serialized (when not running in demo mode).
  • The master page text frames created by checking the New Document dialog’s Master Text Frame option are now created with a content lock. (Keeping them empty prevents InFlow from getting confused in certain situations.)

Changes at release

  • Fixed a problem where auto-flow stories on manually inserted document pages were being locked.
  • Fixed a problem where the auto-flow property was being lost. Duplicating master spreads, duplicating document spreads and creating masters based on another master now properly preserve any extant auto-flow items.
  • Fixed a problem where duplicating a document spread could result in multiple auto-flow threads on the new spread.
  • Manually linking a text frame to the beginning of an existing auto-flow story no longer causes the story to lose its auto-flow property.

Changes at release

  • Fixed a problem that was preventing InFlow from replacing an existing auto-flow story’s frames with the new master’s auto-flow story’s frames during a master page application. Instead, the existing frames were being orphaned and left on the page along with the new master’s auto-flow frames. Now extant auto-flow frames are correctly replaced by the new master’s auto-flow frames.

    Note that you may need to “reset” pages created with previous versions of InFlow. To do this, first apply master [None] to your template’s (or starting document’s) first page, delete all frames left on that page and then re-apply the original master.

Changes at 3.1.2/4.1.2 release

  • Added support for InDesign CS 2 (4.x release).
  • Added support for autoflow frames in groups.
  • Fixed a problem where pages weren’t always being added when the overset condition was caused by a forced break (column, frame, page, etc.).
  • Fixed a problem where a text frame’s story lock icon wasn’t going away when the text frame was removed from the autoflow thread.
  • Fixed an incompatibility which was causing Xtags to place unanchored boxes incorrectly.

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