Release: InCatalog 4/ for InDesign CS2/CS3

November 13, 2008 by

These notes cover all the InCatalog 4/5 series releases.

Changes at 4/ release

  • Exposed all data source and data destination sub-menu items in the keyboard shortcut editor.
  • The plug-in’s registration information is now properly retained for all users. Previously, Windows XP and Vista users whose accounts had limited privileges were being asked for a serial number each time they started InDesign.

Changes at 4/ release

  • Fixed a problem which was preventing the (No Link) entry in the palette’s field popup from removing an existing link (was resulting in a “You can’t use this field…” error).
  • Unicode-encoded data files generated via Create Data… or Create Data File… are once again written as UTF-8. (A problem introduced in the 4-5.2.5 release had them being written as UTF-16.)
  • Exposed InCatalog > Clear All Links > in Selection to InDesign’s keyboard shortcuts editor (Edit > Keyboard Shortcuts…, Product Area: InCatalog, Commands: in Selection).
  • Fixed a data update problem where links in tables could output an incorrect page number.
  • Fixed a problem where changing keyboard shortcuts in InCatalog > Preferences > User Interface… could cause a crash. (InDesign CS3 only)
  • Fixed a problem where closing and then opening the palette could cause the palette to draw incorrectly. (InDesign CS3 only)

Changes at 4/5.2.5 release

  • Added support for InDesign CS3.

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