Release: InFlow 4/5/ for InDesign CS2/CS3/CS4

June 19, 2009 by

These are the release notes for the InFlow 4/5/6 series.

Changes at 4/5/ release

  • Fixed a problem where applying a master page containing grouped autoflow text frames could
    leave the resulting story locked.

  • Improved support for masters who inherit their autoflow thread from their based-on master.

Changes at 4/5/ release

  • Exporting a document as InDesign Interchange (INX) no longer causes a crash in CS2.
  • Fixed a problem where opening an INX or IDML-based document would produce duplicate copies of autoflow text frames.
  • Improved support for placing autoflow text frame snippets (from the desktop, a library, etc.).
  • When an autoflow frame on a document spread is selected, the Object menu now displays the thread’s name with an asterisk suffix (Autoflow Thread (Default*), for example) if that particular autoflow thread has been orphaned (disconnected from the corresponding master thread).

Changes at 4/5/ release

  • Added full support for Adobe’s INX format and CS4’s new IDML format.
  • Added full scripting support.
  • Fixed a problem where manually linking an orphaned thread with an autoflow thread would incorrectly leave the resulting thread orphaned (leading to pages being added with seemingly extra text frames on them).

Changes at 4/5/6.2.1 release

  • Added support for InDesign CS4.
  • Addressed an issue where pages weren’t being added, when a normal paragraph character caused them to overflow. Now, a page is added whenever the story’s last insertion point becomes overset, regardless of what pushed it into overflow.

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