Release: InCatalog 6/7.2.8 for InDesign CS4/CS5

January 19, 2011 by

This release adds picture positioning options, improves compatibility with legacy documents and fixes issues with nested styles, scripting and the tagger palette.


  • Added picture positioning options for sizing the box to its contained image. The tagger palette now sports positioning entries for “Size box to picture” and “Fit picture to box width, then size box to picture height”. Note that all box resizing is performed relative to the box’s upper-left corner.
  • Added the script parameter DD set overridden to give scripted updates the option of temporarily ignoring a document’s associated DD set.
  • Changed our DD validation policy to consider DD names with no file extension equivalent to the same DD filename with a “.txt” or “.dd” extension. This should improve the compatibility of older documents tagged with an extension-less DD with newer OSes that require filename extensions. For example, a document originally populated with links from a DD named “mydd” could now be updated by a DD named “mydd.txt”.
  • Fixed a problem where nested style names in InDesign-tagged text was being ignored.
  • Fixed a problem introduced in 6/ where the last spread in a scripted update was always being skipped.
  • Fixed the picture positioning options “Upper left” and “Centered”, which weren’t resetting the picture’s scale to 100%.
  • Fixed tagger enabling issues with empty picture frames and unknown frames.
  • Fixed an obscure tagger problem where both text and picture elements were being displayed at the same time.

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