Beta release: DocsFlow 7.0 beta 3 for InDesign CS5/5.5

August 16, 2011 by

DocsFlow 7.0 beta 3 (for InDesign CS5/5.5, Mac OS and Windows) is now available for download and testing. This version adds style mapping, as well as many internal changes which improve the import and update experience.


  • Added an Import Options dialog with general options and style mapping, invoked by selecting the checkbox of the same name in the Place from Google Docs… dialog.
  • Improved the import and merging of lists and pictures.
  • Fixed the handling of shared Google Docs.
  • Improved the stability and quality of imports and merges.

Known problems

There are several known problems, some of which are already fixed in the next beta release.

  • If you use comments in your Google Docs documents (which translate into InDesign notes), you’ll have to turn off Use change marks in the Import Options dialog, or you might experience InDesign crashes.
  • DocsFlow sometimes fails to update the modified status of the document when you edit in Google Docs. This can be worked around by re-starting InDesign when it happens, though that’s fairly impractical.
  • Hyperlinks are corrupted on update (we’re still chasing this one).


It’s important that you fully de-install any previous betas of DocsFlow before installing beta 3. Otherwise, you might get start-up complaints involving ExtendScripts, or even crashes.

You can download the latest beta from the sidebar here, or from the main product page. Thanks for whatever testing you can do, and we’d love to hear feedback, positive, negative or even neutral.

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