Beta release: DocsFlow 7.0 beta 4 for InDesign CS5/5.5

August 29, 2011 by

DocsFlow 7.0 beta 4 (for InDesign CS5/5.5, Mac OS and Windows) is now available for download and testing. We think this version represents a huge step forward, as it fixes a few major updating and stability problems that were hampering usability. We’ve also made further improvements to the merge process and made various other fixes and improvements that are detailed below.


Beta 4 is our DocsFlow 7.0 release candidate. We humbly ask that you test the heck out of it and let us know about any problems in the next week, as we hope to ship DocsFlow in early September.

We’d like to thank everyone who’s worked with a DocsFlow beta for your time and patience. Your feedback has been invaluable and has helped to make beta 4 the best DocsFlow experience yet. Thank you!


  • Improved style merging for text insertions on the Google Docs side, where the surrounding style was manually applied in InDesign (a fairly common case).
  • Added basic automatic proxy support, though without per-user authentication.
  • Fixed and improved support for hyperlinks.
  • Fixed problems with the updating of stories placed into pre-existing text frames.
  • Fixed a problem where updating a document containing comments could cause InDesign to crash.
  • Fixed a problem where the updating of the Link panel’s modified status would stop working until InDesign was restarted.
  • Fixed a problem where the “Collapse all empty paragraphs” option was being ignored.
  • Fixed a problem with the Place dialog where the document list wasn’t refreshing when the user account was changed.


It’s important that you fully de-install any previous betas of DocsFlow before installing beta 4. Otherwise, you might get start-up complaints involving ExtendScripts, or even crashes.


You can download the latest beta from the sidebar here, or from the main product page.

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