DocsFlow 7.0 for InDesign CS5/5.5 released

September 6, 2011 by

We’re thrilled to announce that, after almost exactly two years of development, and several months of intense beta testing, we’ve released the first version of DocsFlow (7.0) for InDesign CS5 and CS5.5. DocsFlow is a plugin that connects Google Docs to InDesign, for a breakthrough in affordable collaborative publishing.

You can learn all about DocsFlow at a high level from its product home page. And you’ll find all the details about using DocsFlow effectively in our online user guide.

You can purchase serials or download the plugin from the DocsFlow for InDesign sidebar, which appears here, on the product page, on the user guide page, and on any related news items.

Warning to beta testers

To avoid a strange InDesign start-up bug, if you were testing any pre-beta 4 version of DocsFlow, you should start up InDesign while holding down ctrl+alt+shift (Windows) or cmd+ctrl+opt+shift (Mac OS), and answer “yes” to the resulting dialog about whether you want to reset InDesign preferences.

Known issues

We’ve seen some InDesign crashes after undoing a link update for stories that include tables. This looks like an InDesign bug, but we’re looking at ways around it.

Table support is somewhat of an experimental feature at this point, any way, especially adding or removing rows or columns. We’d suggest either avoiding it for now, or experimenting to see if our current support will work for you.


We can’t thank our intrepid beta testers enough for their help!

And I (Chris Ryland) want to thank Chris Roueche and John Whitney for their untiring efforts in developing this plugin. What they’ve done to make this plugin even possible is nothing short of miraculous. We’ll tell the story about the unique technology behind the facade of an innocent-looking plugin in a future blog post.


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