Release: DocsFlow 6/7.1.2 for InDesign CS4 & CS5/5.5

December 2, 2011 by

We’re very pleased to announce DocsFlow 1.2, which adds support for spreadsheets, drag-and-drop and a host of other improvements resulting from many hours of production use by our expanding community of DocsFlow users.


  • Added support for placing spreadsheets. (Pro only)

    (One current limitation is that Google spreadsheets do not reflect small editing updates in their last-changed time, so DocsFlow won’t necessarily see a change in the Links palette in some cases.)

  • Added support for drag-and-dropped GDocs document URLs.

    To use this feature, your DocsFlow must be signed in to the account from which you’re dragging. In Google’s current UI, we’ve found that only the name and icon from the document’s preview and the URL of the opened document are droppable. (A droppable URL will look like ‘…’.) Unfortunately, document names listed in Google’s Docs list are not currently droppable on destinations outside of the browser.

    Note that drag’n’drop is only available for documents; we are working on sheets support.

  • Added support for deeply-nested styles and style groups.
  • Added support for table border and cell background colors.
  • Added ability to map text colors to character styles.
  • Added mapping for table, cell and object styles.
  • Added [Default] preset to Import Options dialog.
  • Improved merging of text and inline tables.
  • Expanded error alerts to contain more information about the failure.
  • Fixed a problem where colors weren’t being imported properly. (CS4 only)
  • Fixed a problem where tabs, tab positions and some types of spaces were being lost during placement.
  • Fixed a problem where some documents wouldn’t show in the Place dialog.
  • Fixed a problem where a copied story would no longer update properly.

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