Release: InCatalog 6/ for InDesign CS4/5/5.5

January 27, 2012 by

This patch release fixes compatibility issues with InCopy, InDesign libraries, CJK languages and the indent-to-here character.


  • Fixed a problem introduced in 7.2.9 where links weren’t being preserved consistently by InCopy or InDesign libraries.
  • Fixed a scripting problem where the content valid property wasn’t being included in catalog link data.
  • Fixed a problem where native indent-to-here characters (#7) were being removed during the import and export of unformatted text fields. Note that XPress-tagged fields continue to interpret #30 as indent-to-here (and #7 is always a hard-return) and InDesign-tagged fields continue to support #7 as indent-to-here.
  • Fixed a problem where DD qualifiers specific to sister-product Xcatalog weren’t being silently ignored.
  • Fixed an issue where CJK characters weren’t always being displayed properly in the tagger’s field popup.

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