Release: DocsFlow 6/7.1.3 for InDesign CS4 & CS5/5.5

March 19, 2012 by

We just released DocsFlow 1.3, which includes several new usability features, substantial performance improvements, and a handful of bug fixes.


  • Added support for drag-and-dropped GDocs spreadsheet URLs (you must be logged in to GDocs from DocsFlow to the same account from which you’re dragging).
  • Added an Ignore font family, font size, and font color checkbox to the Import Options dialog, which, when selected, prevents undesirable or hard-to-detect type changes from creeping into a placed document.
  • Added support for mapping the “Title” and “Subtitle” Google Docs paragraph styles.
  • Added progress bars for long imports.
  • Improved the speed of document imports and merges.
  • Improved support for very long documents.
  • Improved style mapping for imports and merges.
  • Improved support for numbered lists.
  • Improved support for spanned table cells.
  • Fixed a number of document import and merge issues.
  • Fixed a problem where a bookmark at the top of the GDoc would cause the import to fail.
  • Fixed a problem that prevented colons from being used in style names.

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