Release: InCatalog 6/ for InDesign CS4/5/5.5

April 4, 2012 by

This patch release fixes a problem with truncated keys and improves product stability.


For those folks using ODBC who are updating from a version of InCatalog prior to 6/ if you run into a problem where updated text seems to stop right where an accented (or other special) character should be, try adding %"win" (for a Win-Latin-encoded source) or %"mac" (for a Mac-Roman-encoded source) to your DD’s key field (SKU[K %"mac"], for example). Since the 6/ release, InCatalog expects UTF-8 characters from an ODBC data source if the encoding isn’t otherwise specified. Adding %"win" or %"mac" to your DD will tell InCatalog that your data source is using an 8-bit character encoding instead and should restore those accented and special characters.


  • Fixed a problem introduced in 6/ where updates would only use the first 63 characters of a long key. (Keys may normally contain up to 255 characters.)
  • Fixed a tagger palette problem that could potentially cause a crash during application shutdown.

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