Release: DocsFlow 6/ for InDesign CS4 & CS5/5.5

April 13, 2012 by

This patch release makes staying signed in while working with documents containing many GDocs document links much more possible, and also addresses problems with mis-mapped styles, paragraph spacing and dates in spreadsheets.


  • Improved the speed with which an InDesign document containing many GDocs document links is opened.
  • Removed a limitation where only the first 100 GDocs documents were being listed in DocsFlow’s Place dialog.
  • Changed the handling of expired sessions, which are now automatically renewed without user intervention if Stay signed in was selected while signing in.
  • Removed the “Missing plug-ins” warning that was being given when a document created with the DocsFlow plug-in present was being opened with the DocsFlow plug-in removed. Note that this fix only applies to documents created with the DocsFlow 6/ (or later) plug-in present.
  • Fixed a problem that was causing intermittent pauses when working on documents containing many GDocs document links.
  • Fixed a problem where paragraph styles were sometimes being mis-mapped.
  • Fixed a problem where paragraph spacing was sometimes too large.
  • Fixed a problem where dates in placed spreadsheets were off by one day.

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