Release: DocsFlow 6/7.1.4 for InDesign CS4 & CS5/5.5

May 1, 2012 by

We just posted DocsFlow 1.4, in which we made further improvements to placing and managing large numbers of Google Docs documents, improved usability, added an option for secure, browser-based sign-ins, and fixed a few gremlins.


  • Added support for browser-based authentication (OAuth 2) in the redesigned Sign In dialog.
  • Added an Edit Original without Auto Update menu item which behaves like InDesign’s own Edit Original, but without Edit Original‘s automatic update afterwards. It will start you off editing the link’s original copy, but any changes you make while editing will not automatically used be when you return to InDesign. Note that this action remains available for any kind of link (in all the same menus as Edit Original), not just DocsFlow links.
  • Added a shift-key modifier to the Links panel’s Edit Original button. When either shift key is held down while clicking the Edit Original button at the bottom of the panel, the link’s original copy is edited as if Edit Original without Auto Update had been selected. This is useful for visiting Google Docs documents for workflow reasons (e.g., to make online comments about the document’s status) when you don’t want the automatic update when returning.
  • Added support for the Google Docs ruler’s First Line Indent and Right Indent settings.
  • Improved the speed with which the Place From Google Docs dialog displays (rather drastically, actually).
  • Improved DocsFlow’s performance on documents containing many GDocs links.
  • Fixed a problem where canceling an operation could cause a long pause.
  • Fixed a problem where copying a placed story would make it un-updatable.
  • Fixed a problem where updating with a GDocs document containing empty comments could fail.
  • Fixed an issue with the Links panel menu where the Relink File Extension option wasn’t being disabled for Google Docs links. (CS5+ only)

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