Release: InFlow 6/7/ for InDesign CS4/5/5.5/6

June 28, 2012 by

This release of InFlow adds support for InDesign CS6, officially ends support for CS4, and improves compatibility with InDesign features.


With this release, the CS6 plug-in now requires a valid InFlow 8 (CS6) serial number, if it’s not being used along with a licensed version of one of our other plug-ins.


  • Added support for InDesign CS6.
  • Removed support for creating autoflow frames via the New Document dialog’s Master Text Frame checkbox, which has been removed in InDesign CS6. If you need to create InFlow-based autoflow master frames in InDesign CS6, you must now do so manually by creating the master frame(s) and then marking them with Object > Set Autoflow Thread.
  • Fixed a problem where applying a smaller master page to an existing page would orphan existing autoflow text frames that ended up being off the resized page.

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