WordsFlow 1.0 review from InDesign Secrets

October 25, 2012 by

David Blatner of InDesign Secrets has been using our new product WordsFlow for a bit, and is very excited about it:

I’m trying hard not to type phrases like “Most useful plug-in ever,” but I have to tell you: I’m sitting here with my mouth agape, heart beating faster, and thinking “This is what I’ve wanted for 20 years.”

In short, I’m playing with WordsFlow, a plug-in from Em Software that fundamentally changes the way you’ll work with Word documents.

The whole review is worth reading as a larger introduction to WordsFlow. It does a better job than even our own user guide of showing how to use it, and of pointing out the potential for improving your editorial workflow. (We’ll fix the user guide.)

He’s right that there should be a way to disable text linking on a per-placement basis, and we’ll add that before release. Unfortunately, there’s no good path to the two-way linking scheme he’s wishing for, since there’s no native Word export.


We eventually did release a full two-way workflow version (2.0) of WordsFlow, a little less than two years after its initial release. And we did greatly improve the online user guide.


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