Release: DocsFlow 1.5 for InDesign CS5/CS5.5/CS6

February 4, 2013 by

We’re happy to announce DocsFlow 1.5, which adds support for Google Drive files, improves the drag’n’drop workflow, converts page breaks to InDesign frame breaks, and enhances the quality of story updating.


  • Adds support for placing Google Drive documents and spreadsheets via both drag’n’drop and the File > Place... dialog, once you have Google Drive installed under Mac OS or Windows.

    Note that this feature, coupled with the next below, enables a much more powerful workflow by providing access to Google Drive’s native support for folders. You can now use the Import Options dialog (see below) to preset your document’s import options and style mappings. Once those are set, you can navigate complex GDrive hierarchies using your normal operating system file explorer (Windows Explorer or Finder) to drag and drop selected GDrive files into InDesign, or to place them with the normal InDesign File > Place… dialog. Both of these result in a normal DocsFlow GDocs-linking placement, using the import options that have been set for the document.

    The existing File > Place with DocsFlow… dialog is still present and works the same as before, with no need for a Google My Drive installation.

  • Adds access to the default DocsFlow import options via a new sub-menu File > DocsFlow > Set Import Options. This dialog is available when there is either no document open (for global settings that will be adopted only by new documents) or there is no selected item in an open document (for document settings that will be the default for each new placement).
  • Adds support for cross references and bookmarks within imported stories.
  • Adds conversion of Google Docs page breaks to InDesign frame breaks.
  • Adds support for drag’n’drop from Google Apps accounts.
  • Adds new import options Convert leading tabs to first line indent, Ignore space before/after paragraph, Ignore left/right indent, and Ignore first line indent, to give more control over the document conversion details.
  • Improves the quality of tables and document updating.
  • Prevents update failures in some uncommon situations.
  • Fixes a problem where InDesign styling was being removed if styles were lost in the external document.
  • Fixes a problem where errors resulting from a drag’n’drop operation weren’t being displayed in Mac OS X.

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