Beta release: DocsFlow 2.0 beta 1 for InDesign CS5/CS5.5/CS6

July 11, 2013 by

We’re happy to announce the immediate availability of DocsFlow 2.0 beta 1, which adds long-awaited support for exporting InDesign stories to Google Docs. In addition, Google Docs documents can now be updated from their linked InDesign stories. We’ve also made improvements to the Place from Google Docs dialog and redesigned DocsFlow’s internals to better support some planned features in upcoming releases.


  • Adds File > DocsFlow > Export to Google Docs… and a variant, File > DocsFlow > Export to Google Docs and Visit…, which adds a visit to the newly created Google Docs document after its export, which sends the selected (and currently not otherwise linked) story to the active Google Docs account and then creates a link to it. A new Export to Google Docs dialog displays the account’s existing documents and folders, allows the selection of a destination folder, and accepts a name for the exported document.

    This export facility creates a true “poor man’s workflow” where stories can be created and “assigned out” from InDesign to Google Docs, with links that make them ready to receive updates in both directions.

  • Adds a DocsFlow submenu to the Links panel menu that contains the renamed Visit Original Document (was previously Edit Original without Auto Update), which will take you to the original Google Docs document without forcibly updating the link when you return to InDesign.
  • Adds a set of Update Original Document entries to the Links panel menu’s DocsFlow submenu which will export and merge any changes in the InDesign story to the linked Google Docs document. We’re particularly proud of this feature, because on export to an existing story, DocsFlow performs a three-way merge (just like when updating in the other direction). DocsFlow attempts to leave the formatting of the Google Docs document intact, updating only the content, unless your import options are such that Google Docs formatting is obeyed.
  • Adds a full, “tree”-style view of your Google Docs files to the Place dialog (and to the new export dialogs). The normal InDesign expand-all and collapse-all shortcuts work there for quick navigation (Ctrl/Cmd-click the triangle icon).
  • Adds DocsFlow-related entries to a story’s various context menus.
  • Adds conflict markers, displayed as InDesign notes, to show where DocsFlow resolved a merge conflict that may require additional attention.
  • Improves the reliability of browser-based (OAuth) connections.
  • Adds support for “line height” along with an Import Option to disable it.
  • Removes the option to suppress change mark generation when updating a story.
  • Fixes the mysterious reappearance of replaced styles after updating an InDesign story.

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