Release: InCatalog 2.11 for InDesign CS5/5.5/6

August 12, 2013 by

This release of InCatalog adds key from text ^, handles pasted links better, and makes several other improvements.


  • Adds key from text ^, which searches a table’s column upwards for a key, starting with the link’s cell, and then, if no direct key is found in the column, searches the table’s host story as would key from text <.
  • Adds support for extracting page numbers from master pages.
  • Changes how text pasted at either end of an existing link is handled, so that the formatting, including any links, on text that is pasted normally (via Cmd-V) is now always preserved. To have the pasted text become part of the existing link, use Edit > Paste without Formatting (Shift-Cmd-V), which behaves as if the pasted text was freshly typed by the user.

    Like before, text pasted inside an existing link always becomes a part of that link regardless of how the text is pasted.

  • Improves compatibility with CS6’s Primary Text Frame feature.
  • Adds .mer as as snapshot file type for FileMaker Pro 12 compatibility.

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