Release: WordsFlow 1.2 for InDesign CS5/CS5.5/CS6

September 17, 2013 by

This release of WordsFlow adds an on-frame link indicator, addresses a long-standing problem when working with custom-anchored images, improves the quality of updates, and increases overall workflow stability.


  • Adds a WordsFlow link icon to the frames of all WordsFlow-managed stories. The icon will show for newly imported and updated stories but not, unfortunately, for existing linked stories.
  • Works around an InDesign bug where updating a story containing custom-anchored frames would cause InDesign to shut down. Since this InDesign problem, which we’ve observed in all versions of InDesign from CS5 through CS6, affects any ICML import containing custom-anchored frames, we took a few extra moments to make our solution guard any ICML import, including those initiated by, say, InCopy, against shutdowns.
  • Adds conflict markers, displayed as InDesign Notes, to show where WordsFlow resolved a merge conflict that may require additional attention. InDesign’s Notes panel (Window > Editorial > Notes) can then be used to select, view, and remove conflict markers that were inserted during an update.
  • Improves the resolution of merge conflicts by letting the Word/Excel text always “win” for content order and the InDesign story always “win” for formatting. For example, when updating an InDesign story from a Word document, if the same piece of text has been moved in both, then WordsFlow will let the Word text determine the location of the resulting piece of text in the merged InDesign story. Similarly, if both have style changes to the same piece of text, then WordsFlow will let the InDesign story determine how the resulting piece of text is styled. As noted above, a conflict marker (in the form of an InDesign Note) will be inserted at the location of any such conflict.

  • Fixes a problem where a copy of a linked story might not update or relink properly.
  • Fixes a problem where the Import Options dialog of a Relink of a Word document was showing the current default settings rather than the import’s original settings.
  • Fixes a problem where pasting a WordsFlow-linked frame could cause InDesign to shut down.
  • Improves error reporting when an update fails for some reason.
  • Improves the handling of quote characters, hyphens, and non-breaking spaces during updates.
  • Improves character style-level conflict handling.
  • Fixes a problem where a story linked to a Word document that was originally placed with the import option Remove Styles and Formatting from Text and Tables selected would lose all styling during an update.
  • Fixes a problem where deleted hyperlinks could cause an update to hang.

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