Release: DocsFlow 2.0.6 for InDesign CS5/CS5.5/CS6/CC

November 1, 2013 by

This release adds support for InDesign CC and includes improvements to product stability and usability.


  • Adds support for InDesign CC. The CC plug-in requires a valid DocsFlow CC-level license. Please contact our sales department to purchase an upgrade license or obtain a free upgrade if you purchased DocsFlow on or after January 1, 2013.
  • Enables the export of documents containing cross-references, with cross-references output as plain text.
  • Fixes a problem that could cause updates with many table cell changes to fail.
  • Fixes occasional loss of styling within tables and anchored text frames.
  • Fixes a problem where a document with deleted style groups could cause an update to fail.

Known problems

  • We’ve noticed in InDesign CC on Mac OS that when signing in to Google Docs with a browser, the browser window may appear beneath DocsFlow’s Sign In dialog. We’re not sure why this is happening yet (it looks like a general InDesign bug).

    It seems to be a fairly benign quirk. You can move the Sign In dialog out of the way, and once your credentials have been accepted in the browser, the browser window will close, DocsFlow’s Sign In dialog will close, and focus should properly return to InDesign CC.

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