Release: DocsFlow 2.0.8 for InDesign CS5/CS5.5/CS6/CC

January 21, 2014 by

This patch release resolves several problems with exporting stories and with updating a story’s associated Google Docs document.


  • Replaces references to Original in all DocsFlow menus with Google Docs Document. So now, for example, you’ll find entries like Visit in Google Docs and Update Google Docs Document rather than the previous (and sometimes indeterminate) Visit Original and Update Original. We hope this change makes using these DocsFlow features easier to find and more obvious to use.

    As an aside, please note that the difference between Visit in Google Docs and Edit in Google Docs is that, like InDesign’s own Edit Original, Edit in Google Docs will attempt to automatically update the link when you next return to InDesign, whereas Visit will not.

  • Fixes a problem where the size of a placed Google Docs document would always display as 0 bytes in the Links panel’s Link Info section.
  • Fixes a problem where using Update Google Docs Document on a link that was created by exporting the story to Google Docs could cause the link to disappear.
  • Fixes a problem where the link status after an Update Google Docs Document could be incorrect.
  • Fixes a problem where an Update Google Docs Document of one link would leave all links to that same Google Docs document showing as up-to-date. Now, when there are multiple links to the same Google Docs document, only the one used to update the Google Docs document is marked as up-to-date; remaining links are left marked as modified.
  • Fixes a problem where Update Google Docs Document could fail when exporting a story using nested styles.
  • Works around some occasional Google Revisions service failures that were sometimes preventing documents from being updated.

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