Release: DocsFlow 2.4 for InDesign CS5–CC2014

January 5, 2015 by

With this release we’re introducing a new, fully functional, Pro-product trial mode with a 15-day evaluation period (details below). This release also includes improvements for text updating and exporting.


  • Introduces a new, fully functional Pro-product trial mode with a 15-day evaluation period to replace our old feature-limited (single link) demo mode.

    DocsFlow no longer asks for a license when InDesign is started; instead, DocsFlow now asks for a license only when it is first used. If no license is provided, your 15-day trial will begin. You’ll then have 15 days to try all of DocsFlow’s features in your fully functional, Pro-level trial.

    Your DocsFlow trial will provide you with an opportunity to purchase (Get License will take you to our online store) and enter a license code once per day. You can purchase or enter a license code at any time during the trial, without re-downloading or re-installing DocsFlow, using the trial’s License… menu.

    You can check on your remaining evaluation balance at any time by bringing up DocsFlow’s About dialog.

  • Works around a Google Docs bug with numbered lists in exported text where the numbering reset was only affecting the first item.
  • Fixes a problem introduced in 2.3.1 where merged cells within tables could be split for no apparent reason.
  • Fixes a problem where cell styling could be lost during an update in rare situations.

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