Release: DocsFlow 2.5 for InDesign CS5–CC2014

June 9, 2015 by

This release adds picture export, updates the Sign In to Google Docs process, and includes a number of other improvements and fixes.


  • Requires at least Mac OS X 10.6 for InDesign CS5 & CS5.5 installations. (Mac OS X only)
  • Requires all sign-ins to be secure, via a browser. Google no longer supports the less secure, direct-style sign-ins, so we have removed that as an option from DocsFlow’s Sign In to Google Docs dialog.
  • Includes pictures when exporting to Google Docs. (We couldn’t before because of a bug in Google Docs which now seems to be fixed.)
  • Renames the Incoming folder to Shared with me in the Place Google Docs Documents dialog, to better match what’s shown by Google Docs.
  • Allows exported text to use the ToBindingSide and AwayFromBindingSide paragraph justification settings.
  • Fixes a problem where signing in could fail with a SSLHandshakeError exception.
  • Fixes a problem where non-breaking and discretionary hyphens were being converted to spaces when exported to Google Docs. Non-breaking hyphens are now converted to regular hyphens and discretionary hyphens are simply removed.
  • Fixes a problem where messages from failed exports weren’t being shown.

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