Release: DocsFlow 2.10.5 for InDesign CS5–CC2017

June 13, 2017 by

This release improves stability, enables InDesign’s Missing Plug-ins alert, and addresses connectivity issues.


  • Fixes a problem where stray mouse clicks after starting a Place, Update or Relink could cause the operation to fail or the application to shut down.
  • Causes InDesign to show a Missing Plug-ins alert when a document containing placed DocsFlow links is opened and the DocsFlow plug-in isn’t installed.
  • Fixes potential loss of formatting after updating a linked Google document.
  • Fixes a problem where using multi-column features in a Google document could truncate the import.
  • Fixes a problem where documents in the trash could be shown in the Place dialog.
  • Fixes access to Google Drives that have more than 100 folders containing documents.
  • Fixes the login process for machines that have non-standard localhost configurations.

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