Connecting with FileMaker Pro 16

October 10, 2017 by

On macOS, our InCatalog and Xcatalog data linking products use a technology called Apple Events to make a direct, non-odbc connection with FileMaker Pro. Unfortunately, FileMaker Pro 16’s new Extended Privilege security setting disables support for this type of connection by default. So while InCatalog 2.19 (or later) and Xcatalog 3.10 (or later) support FileMaker Pro 16, they may fail to establish a connection with a fresh installation of it or may fail with an error like

The on-line access of field ‘price’ (subfield ‘0’, key ‘xyz’, data descriptor ‘MyDD.txt’, map ‘’) failed: error -10004 ()

when attempting to update with it.

To change this Extended Privilege setting and restore access to your FileMaker databases, open the database and manage its security settings (File > Manage > Security…). If Manage Security is showing the Basic Setup dialog, select the user and then click the Edit… button next to the user’s selected Privilege Set to bring up the Edit Privilege Set dialog. If Manage Security is showing the Detailed Setup dialog, select the Privilege Sets tab, select a Privilege Set, and then click the Edit… button.

Once in the Edit Privilege Set dialog, check the Allow Apple events and ActiveX to perform FileMaker operations option to allow a direct connection from InCatalog and Xcatalog.

The latest version of InCatalog and Xcatalog can be downloaded here.

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