Release: DocsFlow 2.14.4 for InDesign CS5–CC2018

April 17, 2018 by

This release addresses issues with column breaks, Team Drives, exporting, and updating.


  • Exports column breaks directly instead of converting them to page breaks.
  • Fixes a problem where Team Drives and their files might not be shown with non-admin accounts.
  • Removes a spurious conflict alert about a “competing insertion” that would sometimes appear at the beginning of stories after updating them.
  • Fixes a problem that would place a DocsFlow badge on the frame of a Table of Contents generated from a linked story.
  • Fixes a problem with Hyperlink Destinations moving around during updates and generating merge conflict warnings.
  • Prevents InDesign from copying a story’s link along with its content if only a portion of the story (one frame of many, for example) is copied or duplicated. For a DocsFlow link to be copied with the content, the entire story must be copied or duplicated.
  • Adds basic support for importing and updating text content from embedded Google Docs Drawings.
  • Fixes a problem where removing the AllCaps or SmallCaps attributes from a child style was having no effect in exported documents.

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