Nell Chitty writes “A Designer’s Love Letter to WordsFlow”

March 15, 2019 by

Nell wrote a wonderfully helpful love letter to WordsFlow about a year ago, and we let it go by without note. It’s so good that we wanted to bring it up and share it with you, in spite of the time passage.

I first learnt about WordsFlow when watching a tutorial on on Word and InDesign Integration. I have found that clients love the control they have over the text using WordsFlow, that they get to work in an application they’re comfortable with (I’ve yet to meet someone who uses InCopy), and how fast I can output an updated PDF for them. Before, they’d have to wait for me to make the text changes they need, but now I just need to press a button. Its great!

The post is great–read the whole thing. Thanks, Nell!

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