Release: InCatalog 2.22.5 for InDesign CS5–CC2019

May 1, 2019 by

This patch improves product stability when using tagged text initialization files.

(…and includes changes made for a non-public 2.22.4 build.)


  • Fixes a long-standing problem that made tagged text initialization files fickle, where one might work fine but another might not, or where yet another might cause InDesign to shut down during an InCatalog update. [2.22.4]
  • Fixes how tagged text initialization files are found, by looking in the current document’s folder and then in the DD Set folder before trying all of the usual Xtags system locations (per Xtags User’s Guide, Chapter 10). Before, it looked only in the Xtags system locations. [2.22.4]
  • Fixes a problem where selecting a Data Descriptor from a Box Drive volume could fail with a system error. (macOS only)

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