New Icons and Symbols plugin for Adobe XD

August 13, 2019 by

We’re beyond excited to announce that Em Software, after 20 years developing InDesign plugins, is starting a whole new phase of life with plugins for Adobe XD! We’re honored to be one of the first developers using the Plugins Panel, which is new in XD version 22.

Our first product is Icons and Symbols, a plugin that searches 5,000+ free, high-quality, no-attribution-required icons and symbols. Search by icon name (e.g., ‘arrow’), and place any icons in the result list with a click, resulting in a vector-based, fully-editable icon. Icons and Symbols includes a dozen popular icon collections in a range of styles, including Font Awesome, Feather, and Material.

The new Plugins Panel lets us provide the ideal user experience for inserting icons & symbols with full visibility of the XD canvas, uninterrupted by modal dialogs. Once you enter a search term in the panel, you’re shown a scrollable list of icons. As you continue to work on the XD canvas, the icon list remains available in the panel for a single-click insertion of icons next to your currently-selected object. And you can insert a series of icons, for later arrangement, by clicking consecutively on various icon buttons in the panel.

Every design needs icons, and we’re happy to share this incredibly easy, productive way to incorporate a huge range of icons into your designs!

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