Release: DocsFlow 3.0 for InDesign CS6, CC2018-2020

November 21, 2019 by

We are excited to announce the release of DocsFlow 3.0, which offers a totally new & improved Place from Google Docs… experience and an updated Export to Google Docs dialog. Sites who have been previewing this new version say they can’t drag it away from their users. We hope you love it too!


  • Introduces a totally new, advanced Place Google Docs Documents dialog with a fully-filterable file list, filter presets, a no-wait list of folders and documents, and a document preview. You can search by title, contents, type, starred-or-not, and last-modified time, and sort the resulting list by last modification, title, creation date, and more! You can also navigate through your various drives and the folders on those drives. Once you’ve set up your search just the way you want it, you can save it as a preset to use again and again.

    Best of all, instead of waiting for the whole file and folder list to download (which for large accounts can take substantial time), with 3.0 your files and folders start appearing immediately, and continue to download in real time. And very best-est of all, it now even shows empty folders!

  • Enhances the Export to Google Docs dialog with the same, no-wait list of folders (including empty folders) as the Place dialog.
  • Fixes a long-standing problem that prevented empty folders from showing in the Place and Export dialogs.
  • Changes what’s displayed by the Link Info‘s Path field from the linked document’s somewhat cryptic URL to a more useful, Google Drive-style path like “My Drive/Current Issue/Local/Feature/Great Article”.
  • Fixes a problem introduced in the 2.17.2 release that was causing Edit Original to work unreliably.
  • Fixes a long-standing, random-seeming problem that could prevent links from properly updating their statuses after switching back to InDesign from another application.
  • Fixes a problem where the Links panel was cutting off a document’s name if it contained any semicolons.
  • Handles drag-and-dropped documents from a Google Drive File Stream volume more efficiently.
  • Fixes a problem with exporting to shared drives.
  • Fixes an issue with finding existing presets and import options. (DocsFlow 3.0 Preview-only)

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