Release: WordsFlow 2.16.1 for InDesign CS6, CC2018-2020

March 4, 2020 by

This patch improves stability and fixes issues with exporting to Word files.

With this release, we’ve added a free WordsFlow “helper” plug-in for Adobe’s InCopy to prevent both the dreaded Missing Plug-in alert and document corruption, when opening documents or assignments containing stories placed with WordsFlow in InDesign. Use the links in the sidebar to download and install the WordsFlow that matches your version of InCopy. Once installed, the helper plug-in will sit quietly in the background protecting WordsFlow’s information on linked stories from editing operations that would otherwise remove it.


  • Fixes a problem that could cause InDesign to shut down when placing a file containing bulleted or numbered lists. (InDesign 2020-only)
  • Fixes a problem that could produce extra cross-references when updating a story with a linked document containing edited cross-references.
  • Fixes problems with the styling of exported footnotes.
  • Fixes a problem where merge conflict notes could show up in an exported Word file as Review Comments if that story had ever been updated with WordsFlow. All notes authored by WordsFlow are now removed from the exported Word file.

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