New Docs 2 Design plugin for Adobe XD

August 20, 2020 by

We’re proud as punch to announce our third and latest plugin for Adobe XD, Docs 2 Design.

This plugin provides a stellar solution to the problem of content collaboration between XD users and their stakeholders.

With Docs 2 Design (D2D for short), as an XD user, you can extract one or more artboards’ text contents with a click, packaged in various forms we call a “snapshot” (typically a spreadsheet). Each artboard’s image is captured on a sheet in the snapshot, with each text item indexed and labeled in the image for easy reference while adding or editing the text items’ content on the artboard’s sheet.

You can then share or send around the snapshot file for editing using your co-workers’ normal tools (such as Excel or any text editor), and with another click, update all text items from the edited snapshot.

D2D offers artboard “variants”—e.g., languages in a translation/localization project, or suggestions from different team members or groups. You can fluidly switch among variants to check designs with differing content.

D2D is ideal for sending out artboard content for translation or localization, for fleshing out “lorem ipsum”-ed designs with real content, for getting text content suggestions from various team members or outside stakeholders, or for generally managing a set of variant texts entirely within XD.

Your content is your own—no websites required nor involved—and D2D makes it easy to figure out what happened at each update or variant switch with its “X-rays.”

D2D comes in two forms, a free version that’s fully functional but with some limits on the number of artboards and variants, and a paid (licensed) version with no limits.

For more information, see the D2D product page, and for full operating instructions, see the user guide.

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