Adobe blog: InDesign editorial + production magic with WordsFlow

December 8, 2020 by

Laurie Ruhlin (a crackerjack Chicago-based trainer / consultant / designer, and a long-time friend of Em Software) has written a fantastic overview of WordsFlow for Adobe’s blog:

InDesign editorial + production magic with WordsFlow

Her summary:

So there you have it. WordsFlow and DocsFlow (for Google Docs) allows my client to retain content control throughout the production process. They can use the program they feel comfortable in to make edits, and best of all, I “allow” them to do much of the tedious editing. I simply update or relink the Word file using WordsFlow, and instantly, those client changes are incorporated into my InDesign document. WordsFlow has greatly simplified my workflow and allowed me to keep my designer hat on, the one I love to wear!

(Find full information at, where you can download and install the free, 15-day, full-featured trial plugin.)

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