Release: DocsFlow 3.6 for InDesign CS6, CC2019-2021

July 12, 2021 by

This release mainly adds native support for Apple silicon.


  • Installs a Universal binary for InDesign 2021 on macOS with native support for both Intel and, when used with InDesign 2021 16.3 (or later), Apple silicon (M1/ARM64) processors. DocsFlow’s About dialog now shows which slice of the binary was loaded as part of its version (as “(Intel)” or “(Apple)”).

  • Fixes a problem where importing a document containing a hyperlink within a comment could fail with a “KeyError” message.

  • Fixes a problem with Export to Google Docs… that could cause it to fail with a “KeyError” message if the document contains a tint.

  • Fixes a problem that could occasionally cause an update to fail with an “AttributeError” message.

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