Release: WordsFlow 3.3 for InDesign CS6, CC2019-2021

August 27, 2021 by

This release adds highlight mapping and improves product stability.


  • Adds support for mapping highlighted text when importing a Word file.

  • Improves compatibility with files generated by the online version of Word.

  • Works around a bug in the format of files saved with the online version of Word that could cause a Place with WordsFlow to fail with a “couldn’t process color” message.

  • Fixes a problem that could cause some hyperlinked text to be imported as regular, unlinked text.

  • Fixes a problem that could occasionally cause a link update to fail with an “AttributeError” message.

  • Fixes the Import Options dialog to not fail with an “object does not support the property or method ‘endnoteOptions'” message on older versions of InDesign.

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