Release: DocsFlow 3.10 for InDesign 2020-2022

August 16, 2022 by

This release adds hyperlink style mapping and improves emoji support


  • Adds character style mapping for hyperlinks and email addresses imported from a Google Docs document.

  • Applies Adobe’s “EmojiOne” font to imported emoji automatically.

  • Works around InDesign behavior that could cause a link update to fail with a “Cannot handle the request because a modal dialog or alert is active” message when opening multiple chapters of a book at the same time if the chapters contain modified links and the user, when asked, chooses to update them.

  • Tweaks a retry feature that was introduced in the 3.9.1 release to reduce the chance of seeing a “pending” status with DocsFlow links in the Links panel due to Google’s rate limiting.

  • Fixes a problem that could export a numbered list incorrectly.

  • Fixes the loss of hyperlinks within endnotes when updating a link.

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