Release: WordsFlow 3.11.2 for InDesign 2021-2023

August 23, 2023 by

This patch release addresses problems encountered in the field.


  • Fixes a problem that could change the stacking order of a grouped, oval-shaped frame on its layer during a link update.

  • Fixes a problem where importing or updating from a Word file that’s missing images within it’s footnotes could fail with an “AttributeError” message.

  • Fixes a problem where a link update could lose a hyperlink that’s applied to (and used only by) a single page item.

  • Adds scripting access to WordsFlow’s options for import and export by adding a wordsflowImportOptions property (“wordsflow import options” for AppleScript) to application, document, and story objects. Options are stored as a for-internal-use-only/undocumented, JSON-encoded string. This access is mainly provided to allow base settings, such as predefined style mappings, to be copied from a template document prior to an import or export. Decoding and modifying the JSON block directly is allowed but is left as an exercise for the scriptor.

    Options provided by wordsflowImportOptions are all of the import/export options found in the Word Document Import Options dialog. Other options, like those in the Place with WordsFlow dialog (like Show Import Options, Replace Selected Item, and Create Link) are standard InDesign settings that can be found elsewhere in InDesign’s scriptverse.

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