How to add posts

To make things easy (perhaps through my ignorance), you must categorize each post all the way down the category tree and fleshed out at the bottom (explained below).

Every post is in the top-level News category (that’s the default).

Then you have to pick the next-level of category: General or product-specific (EmData, EmCatalog, etc.). Then, if it’s mothership-specific, you have to pick the final, third level (e.g., Xdata, if you’ve already picked EmData). If it applies to both, then select both (e.g., InData and Xdata).

Some products, of course, are already either mothership-specific (InFlow) or have no mothership affiliation (WebFlow), so you only need to pick two levels of category for those.

And it’s possible a post could apply to multiple products, so you could select the whole tree all the way down for all that apply.

Then, once the categorization is complete, you have to pick a tag from a set of tags (see the “Post Tags” in the Posts menu to the left) that describes what this post is all about: Release, Beta release, Tutorial, Video Tutorial, FAQ, etc., and add one (or more, if it really applies, but these tags are generally mutually exclusive). If it’s not in a product-specific category (e.g., News > General), then you don’t really need a tag. If this is a product release post, then also add the appropriate product version tag (e.g., qxp678, idcs45, etc.).

So the general idea is that you categorize the post based on what product (or generality) it concerns, and then you tag it with what kind of post it is, functionally (e.g., release, beta release, new FAQ, etc.), and then further tag it for version if it’s a release or beta release post.

Be sure to add a post summary followed by a –More– break, but note that anything above the break won’t be shown in a full release history (which is only relevant for release notes).

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